Auction Quilts 2018

For the last several years I have donated quilts to support Shults Lewis Child & Family Services as they have an auction each fall. This year I’ve made five items for the event.

The first is a wall hanging using half square triangles laid out in a light/dark diamond pattern. Most of the fabrics are about the same color value so the illusion is really subtle and cool. This quilt is 30″ x 35″, free motion quilted with Swirl Hooks on my regular sewing machine. It could also be a table topper or be thrown over the back of a chair.

Sun Shine ~ A “bar” layout creating bands of color between bright sunny yellow “rays” shining through. This quilt is 43″ x 45″ and very appropriate for a baby or hanging on a wall. Sun Shine was free motion quilted with Swirls on my sewing machine. The colorful border brings balance to this quilt.

A dolly quilt, perfect for any baby doll who knows winter is coming! This 22″ square quilt is made up of four sashed Irish Chain blocks. It is quilted with a meandering flower design and backed with a girly dress fabric. It could also be a table topper but it really wants to be a dolly quilt….

Pink Posh ~ Fun pink, red and turquoise Paris themed squares make up an Irish Chain design on a very light pink background. At 54″ x 67″, it’s perfect for cozying up with a favorite dolly. (Yes, it does match the dolly quilt above.) It was free motion quilted with the meandering flowers on my sewing machine. It has a fun scrappy binding, which just means not all the same fabrics were used to make the binding. The backing is a red and white sketchy print.

I think it’d be way cool to give Pink Posh AND the dolly quilt as a gift to a sweet little girl!

Elementary ~ Using modern fabrics in one of the oldest quilt blocks is the funnest thing ever! This quilt measures 51″ x 64″ for a nice lap/throw size. I quilted it with large pebbles in the light areas then wiggly lines in the dark half. The binding is also scrappy and lots of fun. The back is a sweet light turquoise floral. This quilt has a distinct math theme, so if you know a teacher….

This Log Cabin quilt is a big favorite of mine. I’ve had the fabrics for a long time and I still actually have a layer cake of it somewhere…. Finding appropriate fabrics for the border was challenging, but our recent Shipshewana trip took care of that.

I’m hoping these quilts go for loads of money to support the children, and that they bless whoever they go to!



Inbetween This ‘n That

I have taken some breaks from the double wedding ring project. I’ve decided not to rush it and try to enjoy the process.

With that said, I’ve got several things going on all at once! First is the quilt I made for my youngest niece. I used a few charm packs that were just fun together, and quilted it with the pretty flower meander that’s my favorite one to do! Looking at the pics again, I threw a few swirls in there too.

The auction at the children’s home is coming up, so I’m adding borders to some things that have been in the works for a while.

The first is a fun half square triangle wall hanging. I love the design in the layout.

I guess it could also be a baby quilt, it’s pretty small. I think the fabrics are Meadowlawn and they’re several years old. Still bright and fun tho!

The second is a baby quilt with a lotta yellow. I made this a few months ago and didn’t like it, so I put it away. Yesterday I discovered the border fabric in my stash, and I think it works! I hope to quilt it with an all over design of some sort.

After dealing with all the precuts I’ve been sewing with, I decided I needed a cover for the sewing machine. So. Much. Dust. I kind of made it up as I went along, and it’s not perfect but it will keep the dust off.

Finally, I quilted and bound the “books” quilt top that has been sitting in a pile for over a year. Each book has a different free motion design, something that kind of goes with the cover fabric. I will put a pic of each individual one.

This was fun to do. The backgrounds are the same, with wavy lines and the book pages just have simple straight-ish lines.

They aren’t perfect, but they’re interesting and that’s almost as good.

I used this awesome Asian cheater fabric on the back, and did the binding different than I usually do. Stitching in the ditch is something I avoid all the time, but getting that binding on without visible stitching on the front… it.

I almost forgot, I made this little piggy for my niece too!

As she is just little, I didn’t put eyes on it. It’s made from a super soft cuddle and so stinking soft! And yes, I used that many pins!

Another auction quilt is one I made years ago. I finally put the final border on it today. The daughter helped me choose fabric and I don’t know why it took so long to finish this top!

These were leftover blocks from a quilt I made for a dear friend years ago. Hoping to finish this up soon.

I guess that’s it for now. I’ve got more to do for the auction, and it’s been fun to find goodies to finish up to donate.

Have a good weekend, friends.


Thus it Begins

Earlier this month I shared that I would be making a Double Wedding Ring Quilt for the husband and my anniversary, which was even earlier this month!

I’ve got the arcs sewn all together, so it was time to start cutting the background pieces. Several years ago a dear friend gave me her manual Accuquilt system, so I bought the DWR set, just to make life easier.

I think it’s going to be awesome. I’m using the Navy Grunge for background and I love it. We chose a couple “4-patch” pieces for the ends of the arcs, but I don’t like the pink, so I’ll be looking for something else. But for now, I sew the football shape to the arcs.

Seriously, I’m using 9-11 pins to keep it together while I sew. And yes, I’m sewing over those pins.

I have just enough pins to prep about 10 arcs, sew, press then do it again.

This was just what I needed to do today.

Usually I’m not a pinner or a slow, “start at the dot 1/4″ in then stop at the other one” kind of girl. Today I became that girl, enjoying the quiet and routine of what I was doing. It was nice.

Here are a few of what I got done with today. I have lots (LOTS AND LOTS) to go!

I hope going scrappy isn’t a mistake.

I have this vision in my mind of this beautiful quilt on our bed…..and I hate to second guess myself, especially since I’ve got so much time, money and fabric invested here….so I guess I won’t.

Surely I’m not the first quilter to wonder if I’ve made a mistake in fabric choices or something else. I know I’m not.

We’ve got the auction coming up in 6 weeks or so, so I’ll be figuring that out soon.

Have a great week!


You-know-where freezes over!

Oh my, did I really say that!?

Approximately 20 years ago I started learning how to piece and quilt. Almost immediately the husband announced he’d like a Double Wedding Ring Quilt.


Earlier this year, being aware that our 35th wedding anniversary would be happening, I thought it’d be nice to make it for “him.” For years I was afraid of the curves, but I recently (like in the last 2 years) found that I actually could sew a curve. Who knew!

So this is my practice block. I learned a few things in the process of putting it together.

  • It’s not as horrible to do as I thought it’d be.
  • Mark the 1/4″ spots like the directions say.
  • This is not a quick project.
  • Do. Not. Rush.
  • Pin.

Needless to say, this quilt won’t be done for our anniversary, which was last week.

But I do have 110 arcs made, only 188 to go. I think. I’m kind of guessing at what I need as I don’t have an actual pattern.

I printed out a couple of DWR layouts and counted everything.

So. Much. Math.

Not sure if it’s right, but I can cut more if I need to.

Since I got such a late start on this project, the husband helped me pick a background fabric to go with our Asian fabric rings. We went with navy grunge. I haven’t gotten to that part yet, but I’m excited to see how it looks. Hoping it’s as striking as I imagine.

Since 2000 we have often gone to Shipshewana for our anniversary, and this year was no different. I didn’t take as many pictures as usual, but I did get a few pics of the quilts hanging up at Yoder’s. They always display great quilts.

I love the border on this one. The colors are so pretty.

I may have shared this one before. It was featured in a Quilt Sampler magazine in the last few years.

I love this one! The quilting is outstanding and the striped fabric in the blocks really makes them pop!

And this is a very nice sampler itself. I think all the fabrics are solids. Appliqué adds so much to a quilt, doesn’t it.

Ok, it’s possible that this one makes you go, “What?” But after looking at it a bit more, and driving around Shipshewana at night, this is much like the reflector on Amish buggies. So my initial reaction has been amended. Now I think the use of the different orange colors is very clever. The “Slow Life” name should have given me a clue.

Who doesn’t love a BIG STAR QUILT!? So fun!

I thought this one was pretty cool. Covers from the Shipshewana Quilt Festival for the last several years. So cool with the solids on black.

Finally, we also spent a bit of time in Middlebury. It was ridiculously hot so being in the shops was such a treat. The Essenhaus has some adorable shops all within walking distance of the bakery/restaurant.

Outside of the building with the quilt shop is this awesome barn quilt.

You will see these all over the place in the area, if you’re paying attention. I love that we got a pic of this one this time.

Twenty years ago I wouldn’t have thought about actually making a DWR quilt. That’s how it is when one is new to a craft.

I’ve made hundreds (seriously, I counted recently!) of quilts, some good, some horribly, HORRIBLY bad, some awesome……every single one was part of the learning process. As the skills change, as the shortcuts are learned and discarded, as the confidence grows, one starts to think……”I think I can.”

Two years ago I sewed a curve, with no pins. It worked. It pressed beautifully.

“I think I can.”

So something new begins.

I’ll update as we go!

Have a great weekend, friends.


“Your Chicago Garden”

About a month ago I finished this quilt for a dear friend who is moving away. During that month it got harder and harder to think about letting the quilt go….because I love it.

But not as much as I love my friend, and she needs this quilt so she remembers we love her.

I used the Little Ruby jelly roll that I’ve been hoarding for some time. So long, that it was QUITE CHALLENGING finding yardage for the borders! Pretty much it was “I’ll take what I can get.” But I absolutely love ❤️ love this quilt. It’s bright and cheerful, just like my friend. Except for the green border and the red one, it’s ALL jelly roll.

I used the leftover bits for a scrappy binding, and the small squares for the second border in there.

I quilted it with the all over meandering flower pattern. I love ❤️ love the texture it creates. Once this is washed, it will be so fluffy!

Lookit the back!

Isn’t that something! It was lots of fun to quilt. I think I snuck a leaf or three in the quilting, but it just wasn’t working for me, so three is all I did.

There, the husband held it up for me so we could see all the binding, and all the everything.

We named it “Your Chicago Garden.” Our friend is moving to Arkansas so it seemed appropriate. She leaves behind friendships, children who love her and a church family that will certainly feel the void. She is so special to so many.

Thank you, Cindy, for your kindnesses over the years.


The Color Purple

Yesterday I attended the baby shower for a sweet premie baby girl. Her great grandma is my mom’s cousin, so we are all related!

The quilt on the left was made for the great grandma. The baby is her first great grand, born to her first granddaughter. Many years ago I was the flower girl in her wedding, wearing a peach colored dress with wide sleeves. It was fun being so dressed up.

This quilt, named Gorgeous Great Grandma was fun to make and easy. I did the disappearing nine patch pattern, using part of two charm packs, a white and a print. I quilted it with loose swirls all over.

The tumbler quilt was made for the baby’s grandma. I remember when SHE was born! This one also used parts of two charm packs, sticking with polka dots and lots of negative space. I quilted it with echoed arches, pretty close together. The backing and border fabric brings some butterflies and jazzy flowers to the otherwise “plain” quilt. (Puppy boy seems to prefer this one.) I called this one Grandma’s Moment.

The quilt for the baby was really fun and easy to make. Rail fence is a great pattern for babies! It looked nice, but when I added the butterflies, and the very simple outline stitch, it just made it look great. I quilted this with the flower that I’ve been so enthralled with lately. It will be so comfy and sweet once it’s washed a few times. Of course I called this one Butterfly Kisses.

The labels before I sewed them on. Labels are the only place I do any handwork these days. It works for me and it’ll do.

See, those bindings don’t look awful.

The baby is at 4 pounds right now. It is amazing how advanced medicine is now, isn’t it?

I’ll be sharing another quilt in a day or two. It’s a fave, so watch for it!


“This is not the quilt you’re looking for…”

Some time ago I put this Moda Love quilt pattern together using Star Wars fabrics. The husband seems to require a quilt for everything he likes, so this would be perfect for his birthday. I had less than a week to baste, quilt and finish this huge (74″ square) thing!

And I did, but man, did it take a long time to quilt! Some of it was a lot of fun to do, like the dark blue areas. I quilted wavy, pointy lines radiating from the center.

Some of it was horrible! Trying to do the dot to dot on such a big triangle was a mistake, but “we don’t become a better quilter by ripping it out” so I did them all. Badly, but the same.

I realized today, while I was taking pictures. That the backing is not going the way I want it to. Seriously, does one not check such things while one is laying the whole thing out?!

Apparently not. (Eye roll)

The quilting that I think is the coolest thing, and the reason I kept putting this project off for months, is the very center.

It’s the Death Star.

I know, right? And of course months ago when I asked him what he thought of that idea, he thought it was awesome! Then I got nervous about actually doing it, so I put it all aside. It’s not perfect, but the general idea is there. And it wasn’t as hard as I thought it’d be. Imagine that.

I used some Millennium Falcon yardage for the back. It’s super cool, but like I said, not quite right.

See what I mean?

The name of the quilt absolutely cracks me up. Be sure to do the hand motion while you say it.

See! Hilarious.

(You have to be an old school Star Wars fan to get it…)

On the rest of the quilt I did loops. Not fancy, but it will hold the layers together, and that is the point.

The Moda pattern was easy to do, but I think next time I’d use MUCH smaller pieces. Quilting such a large project on my machine is just harder than it used to be. I should probably start lifting weights.

So, the husband liked the quilt and had a happy birthday. Really, I wouldn’t trade him for anything.

May the force be with you.