One Blockheads Block is Enough for Me

I’d planned to sew along with the Blockheads II group on facebook but just didn’t find the time. When I saw this block though, it was just in time! I’d needed a big block (or 3) for a runner the husband asked me to make.

At 18″ this block fit my plan perfectly. I chose the colors, trying to coordinate them with the rest of the colors in the church auditorium. I did have to leave a seam unfinished so the microphone had a space to poke thru.

I will say that I won’t make this block again. There were a hundred million HSTs and the thing is so bumpy with all those seams! I know, I should have pressed them open, and I did with some of them but after the second block, I was going for speed, not what was the best thing to do.

It turned out the perfect size, covering a not so perfect table. I enjoyed quilting it with the meandering flower, with thread matching the background. The binding matches the border and the center crowns in the blocks. It seems to work for its purpose.

I’ve been doing a little other sewing lately, just bits and pieces here and there. Whatever I can fit in during the minutes I have.

This sister’s choice block went together pretty quickly today. Fun colors and so pretty.

This is the beginnings of another request by the husband. The top is ready to layer, quilt and bind. I’ll get to it soon…

I may have already shared this one. It’s still hanging around. It’s huge, probably king sized. I can’t quilt it, so I’m just waiting to see what I end up doing with it. I know how I’d like it quilted, so that’s something, right. It’s for the guest bed, so it really isn’t urgent.

The Quilt Expo is in Chicago again this year, this weekend in fact. I got to attend years ago with friends and we had such a fun time. All the shopping and quilts to visit! It was great!

The crowds were unbelievable so I’ll be enjoying it via facebook and instagram this time.

Oh, I recently watched a vlog (is that the right word?) where a young quilter was opening one of those monthly club boxes….well anyway, she took out one of the items and it had Alex Anderson’s name on it. She didn’t know who she was!


I got to meet Alex years ago at the Chicago Expo, and she was as nice as could be!

Unbelievable that a whole generation of quilters probably really don’t know who she is.

Have a good weekend, friends!



Aunt Janet’s Birds

This quilt was made by my MIL for her “sister.” She gave it to her yesterday, celebrating an upcoming birthday. It’s fun to see these women together. They are truly sisters of the heart.

The pattern is another log cabin, using four blocks in the basic layout. Add a nice border and a table topper becomes a sweet gift.

I guess I didn’t realize exactly how much aunt Janet enjoys birds. And my MIL enjoys butterflies, so this fabric was perfect for this project!

I got to quilt this and used the meandering flower. It’s just my favorite thing to quilt because I seldom get “stuck” somewhere.

You know what I mean….you’re quilting along and suddenly there isn’t a good place to logically go next! With this flower design, you can echo some more or start another flower. You can add a leaf or a swirl and it’ll all work well together.

The texture of this quilting is wonderful and will just get cooler and cooler once this topper is washed.

The backing is this lovely cream fabric, as is the border and binding. It’s very soft and worked so well with the strips.

Some of the recent items I’ve shown haven’t been quilts I’ve made. I’ve helped with them, doing the quilting and some other things, so you may wonder what I’ve been doing. Well, I’ve got some things in the works….

Like this:

And this:

And this:

The latter is huge! It’s made with 2 1/2″ tumblers and is 93″ x 95″.

I know!

I’d started cutting them from scraps several years ago, using the last bits of fabrics I’ve saved for the last 20 years. Some of them go way back!

So today I got the last rows sewn together and I’m calling it a day. It fits the guest bed and pretty much, I can paint that room whatever color we pick!

Now, quilting it is another matter. Not sure how or when that’s going to happen. One of these days…

Have a good weekend, friends.


For Gramma

Sometimes one makes something for ones gramma just because.

Delivered today to the most amazing gramma I ever had.

We shopped together, talked sewing and drank tea. She served me cereal, pudding and snacks in a simple yellow bowl that I still have. She took care of me when my mom had surgery and she rolled her eyes when I told her she was cool.

We enjoyed going to Dresden together, to visit the basket capital of the world. Gramma made me clothes, coats and costumes. She made ceramic items and always sent a card for every occasion. (She’d be mortified that stamps are now over 50 cents each!)

My gramma is amazing. She has spent time with me, my husband and my daughter. Times that I now hold very preciously in my heart.

Time is the best thing one can give. I used to think that was very cliche but now I get it. Gifts, things, stuff that we give each other is nice….but eventually it’s just all stuff.

Time never becomes stuff. It is something that consists of memories we hold dear, in our minds and hearts. Be generous with your time with those you love. You will never regret it.


The Princess Quilt

Today I’m sharing another quilt I didn’t piece. I quilted it, but this one is the brainchild of my MIL. She made it for her great-granddaughter who is having a birthday soon.

She used the Rail Fence pattern by Donna Jordan at Jordan Fabrics. It required accent strips in between the regular pieces which adds a nice touch.

She started with a Disney Princess themed roll up and added a few other fabrics so the quilt would be a bit bigger and not be so busy. We chose the gray because it seemed a nice neutral with all the “girly” fabrics.

The border and backing have a bit of gold glittery dots on them, so that works with the sparkle of the strips she added.

I did quilt this for her, with the meandering flower that is so very adorable. I actually used medium gray thread on the top and a light pink on the back. Both of them worked out very well.

The quilting is much easier to see in shadow, and lucky for me it’s a cloudy day. The small bows are the border fabrics, the large ones are the backing and the binding. It’s always nice to use the long leftovers from the sides so we only have four seams in the binding. Score!

I had a helper today….he likes to pose with the quilts.

Such a silly boy.

We found a quilt shop while we were out looking for a shoe store yesterday. The shoe store had closed and was for lease. I guess we should have called.

The quilt shop was fun though. Tiny but fun. I finally picked up some of the Duchess Grunge I’ve had my eye on forever. Love that color.

Have a good week friends!


Humility = My Friend

I was privileged to give this small table topper to a dear lady this morning. My friend, Marilyn was almost speechless to receive this gift, but she really was surprised and loved it, which is always the goal when quilters are giving gifts.

Marilyn has been a friend for several years now and I enjoy her so much. She’s as ridiculous about dogs as we are and truly one of the most selfless people I’ve ever met. It was a blessing to make this for her.

I used the Moda Love pattern, cutting my own squares, not using a charm pack as suggested. It worked out fine and I even have some bits leftover. Score!

One of the key fabrics that I actually wish I’d used more of was the paw prints. Besides that it matched perfectly, it was so very appropriate. I used it in each corner and a few in the HSTs. Too cute.

I had asked Marilyn’s daughters what colors she liked, and they both told me “earth tones.” Sorry, but (eye roll) bleah. I tried to find something like that, but ended up with some brown (like dirt, thus like earth…) and tan, oh, and a touch of green (like grass, also ON earth). Mostly, the quilt reads navy. I liked the fabrics so I interpreted “earth tones” in my own way.

It was funny that she wore navy today, and matched her little quilt!

I tried to quilt this adventurously, because sometimes I just do the same stuff because it’s fast or easy. In the main navy floral, I did go with the flower meander that I love and depend on for every quilt for a female. In the large background squares I attempted feathers. They can only be seen in shadow, which is good. They aren’t horrible, but I wouldn’t try them with contrasting thread yet. I did some back and forth lines in some backgrounds and pebbles in others. I almost forgot about the leaves, that’s “earthy,” right? It was pretty fun all around.

I put the binding on so I could sew it down “blindly” from the front. Not always great at this…

Missing the ditch is one of my greatest skills. (Eye roll)

Yes, had to go over some spots more than once.

Well, it is what it is.

I used this light fabric on the back. I feel it disguises my weirdo quilting in some spots so it was perfect!

It’s always fun to give quilty gifts to friends that just aren’t expecting it. I mean, friends already have a piece of your heart, they may as well have something made especially for them, right?

Have a good week, friends.


Renewing of Spring

That’s what the MIL named the quilt she made for a friend. Now, it’s been WAY below zero (degrees) this week, so we are all thinking Spring should be happening sooner than later!

Even though I didn’t make this one, I thought I’d share it. I did quilt and bind it for her, so that does count for something.

The pretty soft colors do extend a happy invitation for Spring to get on with it already. I love the border fabric with the little teapots, it is just so sweet.

She used a Missouri Star Quilt Company pattern called Zipper or Zip it (or something like that). Using green for the background instead of a plain white was such a good idea.

I quilted it for her using the meandering flower design that is my go-to these days for girly quilts. It’s easy and perfect. I make the flowers larger so it doesn’t make the quilt all stiff. It goes pretty fast that way too.

A pretty label and binding make the quilt look good on the back too. Isn’t the backing fabric pretty!?

That cream with green outlines is a sneak peak at a baby quilt that I can’t share yet. Let’s just say it’s pretty green.

I’ve got a couple other projects in the works. Some are experimental, some are gifts. I’ll share when I can.

Keep warm friends!


Oh yeah, my husband is pretty awesome. FYI

Card Trick Quilt

I finally got some pictures of the Card Trick quilt I made for my husband, so I thought I’d share them today. A few months ago he started buying a few really cool looking decks of cards, so I looked for playing card fabrics…..and found ONE.

SERIOUSLY, one! So I got a couple yards to use for the border and binding and made him the Card Trick quilt using the pattern from Missouri Star Quilt Co. I had a grunge star jelly roll to use, and found a neat background fabric that worked with all of it. (it just looks white in the pic, but it’s got some color on it.)

This quilt is HUGE!! And I left two rows OFF!

I use my regular (yet awesome) sewing machine to free motion quilt so a HUGE quilt is very difficult to manage.

I quilted it with bright green thread and included hearts, clubs, diamonds and spades here and there. And as usual, it isn’t perfectly consistent, but it IS finished. And he’s a happy camper.

The pattern and tutorial by MSQC are pretty easy to follow. It was hard not to get all matchy matchy with the four colors in each block. In some blocks I avoided that, others are “just so.” I found the vast amounts of background kind of annoying with this quilt. There’s just SO MUCH OF IT! Every little wobble in the quilting shows. Oh well, what can you do?

I used a nice black and green flannel check on the back, so he can be super cozy. The flannel backed quilt I made him several years ago isn’t quite long enough to cover him to his liking. This one is ridiculously long.

It’s so long.

I used the playing card fabric for the binding too. I like that look since it’s such a busy fabric. Scrap bindings have been my go-to lately but I felt like this was better for this quilt.

I know, it’s not the most original name, but this quilt got delayed more than once while I was working on it. I got sick right after thanksgiving, then the usual Christmas busy-ness kicked in. So really, it’s a miracle there’s even a label ON it.

As much as I’m complaining, I’m glad I made this for him. He uses it every evening and that’s my favorite.

Hope January is kind to you.