Let the Quilting Begin!

I pretty much had to force myself to baste this quilt. I kept putting it off! I figured it wasn’t getting any smaller so I may as well just do it. 

I still love the fabrics and the pattern. I hope someone else does too, so the quilt brings in big money at the auction for the children’s home. And I mean BIG MONEY, friends. 😉

I’m not sure how I’m going to quilt it yet. It’s going to be a challenge getting all that maneuvered around on my sewing space. I’d like to do a nice grid but I think honestly I would get bored with it partway through and I’m pretty sure the straight lines would get all wiggly at some point. 

I may try to do the swirly twirls and loops and curly things. I don’t think the organic lines will enhance this quilt, otherwise I’d do that. I’m hoping to work on it tomorrow. 

After crawling around on the floor, pinning and scooting and trying to keep my foot from falling asleep, I’m done for today.

This quilt is waiting for me and probably won’t go anywhere while I chill.

I used this lovely pink with gold arrow fabric for the back. The arrows are vertical on the back, which is what I wanted. Yay. I’m thinking about using this black with arrows for the binding, but I need to see how it looks first. I’ll do that by cutting a strip and folding it in half, just like a binding strip. If it doesn’t work out, I can use the pink.

This project has actually gone together faster than I thought it would. In the past I have waited until the last minute to start on “auction quilts.” It kind of forces me to do it in a timely fashion.

It’s nice to have a little extra time…..


Ahead of the Game

Yesterday I said I hoped to have the auction quilt top assembled by next Thursday?

Well, I had some time today and get it together, I did!

I’m not adding a border, and I hope to find a nice mostly black and white stripe for binding. Soooo copying the quilt on the free pattern, but if it works, it works!

Have a great weekend, people!


An Even Dozen

I finished my blocks today. I’ve got a lovely little pile of them and I can hardly wait to complete this quilt!

Each block, except the first three I did, has the matching small HST in the upper left corner. It matches the large HST. Each block has two half square triangles that are the same, because that’s just how I had to do it. I tried to lay them out so they weren’t in the same place every time. I hope there won’t be “sames” touching when I get the top together.

Hoping to have that accomplished by this time next week.

So last week I received my Apple Core template from Missouri Star and I’ve been making myself wait to try it. Since I finished my blocks, I allowed myself to try it TODAY! 

I used leftover scraps from this quilt I’ve been working on, mostly because they were handy and I didn’t want to commit to a charm pack. (I mean, if it went horribly wrong, I didn’t want to have to make 42 of them!)

It didn’t go horribly wrong. It looked like it might, at first. Good golly, what weird lumpy seams, right!

Oh, and I pinned. And sewed very slow. And used my stiletto to make sure there was no funny business.

And lookit!


So I will be making more of these to make a little something. I’d like to order the large template, as I hear it’s much easier to deal with, but for now, I’m sticking with this one. I want to use up some scraps.

Looking forward to the weekend, finally. It’s nice to not be dreading the days….


Six Done, Half a Dozen To Go

These blocks are coming along nicely. I had to go get a couple other fabrics, to replace the white with gold ones….and I found four! 

New ones are: the large floral in the bottom row, the bigger dots (large triangle in the center), white with small multi-colored triangles (center HST on the right) and……

The center block on the left side.

They look pretty nice together. I’ve come up with a system that seems to work for me while I make each block individually. 

Whatever the large HST is in the center, I put the small one in the top left corner position. (Oops, I must have made the second block before I came up with the system.) Then each day individual  block has to have something duplicated because I only have 16 different options to choose from. (Each block needs 18 small HST.) So I put whatever has been used twice into a different area on my work space. Finally I take one from all the rest of the piles and try to lay them out differently each time.

It seems to work so far. I have not checked to make sure “sames” don’t end up by each other once I start putting all the blocks together. I am hoping this is not a mistake. I’m trying to work a little more freely here, so it’s fun and relaxing. And it is.

I’m hoping to have the top together by next weekend. We shall see.