Don’t Judge Me

Well, it’s been a few days since the auction for the children’s home and I’m done pouting that my quilts didn’t bring in the BIG BUCKS I was hoping they would. For the seven quilts I took, $830 was the grand total. Not shabby at all, but not what I was hoping either. It does thrill me that the Minion quilt went to a young lady who LOVES it, so that is a happy. And the HST quilt was “won” by a nice young man who got it for his wife who couldn’t be there. So, I am happy that the quilts will bring joy.

Now, I will tell you a secret. My sewing room will be getting a face lift this winter; knock a wall out here, move a counter there…. So today I moved a square shelf unit in the cedar closet so I’d have a little more space NOW. Here’s how that looks.

I also went thru my books and moved them down a shelf. I love this new look. In reality I lost the top of the bottom shelf, but I like the “seems like it’s organized” look. It kind of is, but it still needs work. And one of my fave ways to store jelly rolls and charm packs is a 6′ CD shelf. It’s tall and thin, and perfect! (No pic of that today though, sorry.)

See the bolts on the left? I straightened them up and rearranged the red bins above them too.

It’s nice when half the closet is tidy.

What? Half. 


Here’s the other half.

I know.

Yes, I’ve got a bit more to do. This cedar closet “room” is oddly shaped so it’s difficult to find a place for the Christmas bin of fabric, the flannel and the weird fabrics my husband likes me to use to make him stuff with. Oh, not to mention the UFO’s…..

Yes, there is still much to do, but I’m not in a rush. 

I may need some more shelf units though…


Monday’s Minions

Just a quick bit of sewing today. 

I’ll have to get more of the pellon stuff before I can make any more. 

I got this picture last week at my gramma’s house. It’s her sewing box. I don’t know the whole story behind it, but I think it’s pretty cool.

Have a great week, friends.


Auction Items 2016

I’ve finished (except for a couple labels, gimme a break) all the quilts for the auction, with two weeks to spare! I’ve probably made too much (7 items; 2 quilts, 2 baby quilts and 3 wall hangings) but it was excellent therapy for me to sew like a mad woman the past couple weeks.

Up first is the Preppy the Whale wall hanging, pattern by Elizabeth Hartman. I wanted to use the green plaid fabric, as I have something of a theme going on here…. I like this one a lot. Using gray with this light sage green color was risky, but no one was hurt so I think it’s just fine. I quilted Preppy with wavy lines, #4 on my machine, 3.3 width. It lends itself well to water-like quilts.

Hazel Hedgehog pattern also by Elizabeth Hartman. I love this! I love the striped fabric. It also has little dots here and there. I quilted this one with a wavy diamond pattern. That sounds really fancy, but it was actually a mistake. I started quilting what I thought would be “organic” lines, but the machine was still set on wavy lines. So instead of unsewing, I finished up the horizontal lines and went diagonally across too. It’s an interesting look, but not my first choice. But someone somewhere isn’t going to care.

Next up is Fancy Fox II in blue. (Yes, Elizabeth Hartman.) What wonderfully fun patterns, right! I used the blue plaid AS the fox here, and I love it. The ABC border is restful and just right with this little guy. This one is quilted with organic lines about an inch apart at some spots. It just varies, ok?

Next up is the first baby quilt I made, using Oink a Doodle Moo by Moda. The pattern for this one is Jelly Roll Jam II, available free at the Fat Quarter Shop. I quilted this one with a free motion box pattern that I kind of made up as I went along. It’s not very exact, but it holds the layers together!

Jelly Roll Jam, also from FQS and using Oink a Doodle Moo was made using 18 of the 22 strips leftover. Kinda neat to get two quilts from one jelly roll. I quilted this one with lines that were supposed to be kind of like hay….but ended up looking sort of like fire flames. Again, it holds the layers together. I love the cow spot fabric in this one.

Finally, the last two quilts. The first is the very, very triangle-y quilt, using the Apricot Compote pattern by Riley Blake. I think I quilted this with swirly twirls and loops.

And finally again, 999 squares later, a minion quilt. I saw this first on a blog….Don’t call me Betsy. I wrote an email to the maker and asked her if she minded if I just copy her idea….she didn’t mind at all! What a nice lady! So I skipped the border and used a dark binding, with flip flops on it no less, and ended up with this guy! It was a blast to make and I can’t wait to see who goes home with it!

So, that’s what I’ve been doing this past month+. Sometimes sewing is therapy, and it has definitely been a gift to me lately.

Have a great week, friends.


In the Works

Just a few quick pictures of what I’m trying to finish up for the auction benefiting the children’s home we support.

I decided to make two baby quilts using Oink a Doodle Moo by Moda. For the first one I used the Jelly Roll Jam II pattern from the Fat Quarter Shop. It’s pretty fun!

I had 20 strips left so I also made the Jelly Roll Jam, also from FQS.

As much as I love the ease of this pattern, I do it wrong EVERY SINGLE TIME! It is very forgiving, but I just get confused in the middle of it all. I’m not going to explain it, check out the pattern if you like and maybe it’ll confuse you too!

Last year I made a pink fox face quilt for the auction. It didn’t go for a huge amount of money, but I thought I’d do one in blue for this year. I love it. My sister says it’s very peaceful. I liked that. This is the Fancy Fox II pattern by Elizabeth Hartman. Love her stuff!

I’ve got that plaid fabric in pink, green and tan. It came to me that I could make a series of animal wall hangings….

Here’s Hazel!

I was going to do her in green but it just wasn’t working for me. I will border Hazel with the pink plaid. Hazel Hedgehog also by Elizabeth Hartman.

I’ve got a couple more to make, so I hope to do them this week. I’ll quilt them leisurely probably with organic lines. I may do something different with the baby quilts, loops or something. Or zig zags, that could be fun.

Have a good week, friends!