The Auction Quilts 2019

Every year I make quilts to support Shults Lewis Child & Family Services in Indiana. We love going to their Annual Day every year and enjoying food, fellowship and fun!

This year though, my hands have been working against me. Maybe it’s an age thing, maybe it’s too much of a good thing, I don’t know. So my offering this year is different than years past.

The first is a way outside of my comfort zone quilt! I used some large, bright Kaffe Fassett fabrics in a pattern that is also not my usual cuppa tea. We’re calling it Kaleidoscope because it reminds us (Rick, his mom and I) of one.

It is quilted with a leaf pattern on the body of the quilt and the meandering flower in the border. It’s about 70″ square (I love square quilts!) and nice and cozy.

The second quilt is one I saw on a magazine cover. I don’t usually get magazines anymore but I had to try this one. And now that I’ve made it, I’m happy. I used a different type of color palette for fall than the usual…

The pattern is by Sherri McConnell and called Fall Dash. I love the churn dash block, that’s probably why this appealed to me so much. But fall colors aren’t my fave for fabric, so I used a FQ bundle that was something I could work with. I love the bits of pink in the pumpkins. I can see the pics aren’t showing the quilt that well, but it is what it is, right. Called this quilt “Happy Fall, Ya’ll.” That just cracks me up.

Finally, the last one is a panel quilt. Not my usual either, but quick and fun.

So first we have the best buds from Toy Story, Woody & Buzz. It’s got a small border with the aliens on it and was lots of fun to quilt! I outlined the guys and THEY SHOW ON THE BACK! So very fun. It may or may not show in the pic…

How about that, Buzz and Woody on the backs! Kind of a fun surprise!

So that’s what I’ve accomplished with a bum hand. Most of it was before it got bad, probably the cause of it, but I was determined to do what I’d planned. “You’ve got a Friend in Me” HAD to be made.

My MIL also is donating a few projects she’s made, so hopefully some decent funds will be raised for these kids.

Have a great weekend, ya’ll.




Today I finally gave my sister her quilt. It’s so her I can’t even stand it. It’s perfect for her and I would say that she loved it.

I love it. I love the fabrics, I love the design, I love the quilting. This quilt is my new favorite. It’s taken nine years to replace the old favorite, but my goodness, look at this quilt!

I almost can’t believe I made it! Except I was there!

I used a free pattern from Jordan Fabrics called Lone Star. Usually with the Lone Star pattern the colors radiate outward in an organized manner. I loved the freedom of this design, this way. It may not be for everyone, but with such gorgeous fabrics (Majestic by Gerri Robinson and a pink grunge by Basic Grey) it’s all win win.

I quilted this on my home machine using the blooming flower that I love to do and I actually attempted a grid in the pink spots. I love both! Usually the grid is more in the Star part of this type of quilt, and the background has the more interesting design. As my sister is awesome and unique, I wanted to quilt her gift accordingly. The border has the flower again.

The backing is the beautiful navy floral that is probably the most gorgeous fabric I’ve seen in years. I considered using it for the border too, but I wanted the star to be the, well, STAR on the front, and I think it definitely is. I used the border fabric to bind the quilt too.

I’ve been working on sewing the binding down by machine, from the front of the quilt. I missed at about nine different spots, so the binding is machine and hand sewn. (Eye roll) Of course the label is sewn on by hand. All the hand sewing reminded me why I want to do EVERYTHING by machine now! Ouch!

But now, let me tell you about my sister. I was almost 4 when she was born and I was terribly jealous when she intruded on my life. We shared a room until I got married. Yes, more torture, but mostly for her.

I always knew I loved her and that she is my BFF, but in the last several years we have come to depend on each other more and more. We share our awesome family, our weirdo family (yes, these may be the same people….), our hopes, dreams, faith, sorrows and the truth is, she just gets me.

We laugh at the same silly jokes and we usually text the same thing to each other, about whatever might be going on. We share a wonderful childhood that we have tried to duplicate for our kids, explaining why just being together is fun. I think most of them get it.

We think very much the same about dozens of things, so lots of times words aren’t necessary. That doesn’t stop us from talking though! Not much does.

Giving this quilt to my dearest sister was SO. MUCH. FUN!

Years ago she bought herself a navy rug, with beautiful pink roses on it. Before she was even married….I thought it was kind of weird but it was a beautiful rug….. When I saw this fabric, it reminded me of that rug and I knew I had to have it for something for her.

I almost named the quilt, “Like Your Rug.” Seriously.

When she saw the backing fabric, she said “This reminds me of my rug.”

See what I’m saying?


So happy birthday to the most cherished sister on earth.



“Spidey Sense” & “Mermaids”

Yesterday we celebrated my niece and nephews birthdays. The last few weeks have been terribly busy, moving my MIL from Michigan to Illinois, packing and unpacking, so much going on! So thank goodness I had finished the very simple tops before all of that started. It was all I could do to quilt and bind the quilts.

Luckily the theme for the nephew side of the party was Spiderman, so I totally lucked out there. This was probably the last year I could use a panel and get away with it, he’s getting so tall! I left as much of the panel borders on as possible, so there’d be a break between the busy fabrics.

I will tell you a story now. When he saw how I used the quilt to “wrap” his gifts, he was rather excited. He said, “I think that’s a quilt.” The child is 5, and for him to have learned to say quilt, not blanket just warms my heart. He enjoyed the unwrapping of the gifts and spread his quilt out to really see it.

It’s always fun when the gift is a winner.

I used some red fabric to fill in on the back for three reasons. First, I didn’t have quite enough backing after using some for the border and second, it would “show” the quilting better than the busy one. Finally, it’s cool and modern this way.

I quilted a few spiderwebs into the quilt and a couple a 🕷 too. I showed them to my nephew and he thought they were “So cool!” The rest of it was the swirl hook design.

I win!

My little niece loves mermaids, dolls and soft things. I had found a little stuffed mermaid at Joann Fabrics a couple months ago, and it was perfect! The quilt I made for her was a batting-free one. Not my usual but I used some of that minkee-like fabric on the back and I thought it’d just be too heavy with batting.

This was simply quilted with wavy lines. It’s not the most flat quilt I’ve ever made, but it’s soft and cuddly and that’s what I was going for. I love the backing so much more than the front, even though the front has multicolored haired mermaids and golden arch rainbow scales.

I didn’t want to fight with the backing while attaching a binding so I folded over some of the backing. I had never done that before, and it wasn’t too hard, but I don’t want to do it again. I like how it looks though.

It’s fun to give quilts for birthdays. My nieces and nephew probably each have 4 or 5 each, even the little one has more than how old she is!

Now that those are out of here I have a couple in the works that I can’t share yet, plus auction quilts to do, and a baby boy quilt I need to make. It never seems to end, and I’m glad.

Have a great week!


A Mini Charm Project

Don’t you love the adorable little mini charm packs? They are so cute, with pinked edges just like a grown up charm pack, but tiny…. Perfectly cut little squares, pretty fabrics….

But what to do with them, right?

Yesterday I took two mini charms and made two sets of 9 patch squares. Each pack gave me four squares, so that’s enough to do something with, but what?

Today I found fabrics in my gramma’s stash (which I recently inherited) that worked perfectly with each set. Look.

I know the white and navy print is kind of busy, but I like it with the Sunday Drive minis. I also found the red and white check in gramma’s stuff, and I love how it looks with it. The gray with the Halloween mini worked well enough.

I’m sure this isn’t an original way to lay out these blocks, but I took a few pictures while I was “creating” so I thought I’d share. Obviously one starts with four 9 patch blocks.

Yes, I had to unsew a little, but you get the idea.

Trying to figure out side triangle math is not my thing. I looked in one of my books to find the formula. I’m not going to try to explain it, but I used a 9 1/4″ square, cut diagonally twice. Another 6 1/2″ background square (the same as the pieced blocks) for the center.

Ok, so I used a few of the leftover minis to make a more interesting center. The Halloween one has a plain center.

Sewing the nine pieces together is pretty routine and I pinned just because I felt like it.

Once the pieces are all together it can be pressed. I was going to put corner triangles on it, but I kind of like the hexie shape so I didn’t.

Both of these are about 18″ around, so perfect for a table!

I have many, many scraps of batting so I pieced a couple pieces together for both of these.

I used to not do this, thinking it was cheap or not as good as a real piece of batting. But you know what? The batting isn’t USED. It’s all new and fresh and nice. So I zig zagged a few pieces together and now it’s perfect! It’s almost like being green…. (you know, recycling)

So, the Sunday Drive was basted and I free motion quilted it with my favorite meandering flower.

I think it took me all of 20 minutes to quilt it, so that was nice. Really nice.

I had decided to use binding on this one, matching the backing. It was a little tricky mitering the corners on the binding, because the corners aren’t normal. They’re weirdo corners!

Well, they did not come out perfectly, but they will stay put. If I do this again, I’ll fiddle with those corners a little more.

For the Halloween project I used the flip finish. Layering the batting, backing then the top and sewing around the edges, leaving a section open to turn it.

I don’t have much in fall fabrics, but I did have this piece of orange so I used it for the backing. Perfect, huh.

I stitched it down about 1/4″ from the edge, almost all the way around. Once that was completed, I trimmed the extra away.

After turning it right side out, I pressed the open area closed and wonder clipped it shut.

As I am not a big fan of Halloween, I didn’t want to spend a lot of time quilting it, so I just ditch stitched it with gray thread.

“Pay attention to MEEEEEEEE!” (That face……❤️)

Finally, both of these little projects were complete and I can spend some quality time with Bo.

This is my favorite block….

Pretty cute, huh?

Both look good on my table. I love that I found fabrics in my gramma’s stash. I love how her funny pelican looks perfect on the Sunday Drive project.

And the teeth.

Alright, that’s about it for now.

Have a good weekend, friends.


“Game Over”

Back in the day, we all played Tetris. It was a simple game but challenging at the same time. My dad ruled the school when he played Tetris. So he needed a Tetris themed quilt. I’d found a jelly roll and the perfect pattern, Keyhole, by MSQC.

I didn’t use all of the black strips, Dad just doesn’t like black (or green or brown). The quilt isn’t very large but that’s ok, it’s not like he doesn’t have others around.

I free motion quilted it with a box pattern. It’s probably called something else, but I call it boxy.

It’s not perfect, but that’s not the purpose of this quilt. Taking something, like a game or book or theme, that people enjoy and making it into a lasting gift/memory is lots of fun.

I didn’t have quite enough of the Tetris fabric for the back, so I added something interesting to it. So some would say the quilt is reversible.

I don’t usually piece backings this way, but it seemed to be best for this project.

Little doggy boy wants to be in the picture until the camera/phone is pointing at him. I made a scrappy binding using most of the leftovers from the blocks. I still have some of the black strips left, so they’ll be used sometime in another project.

Last week MIL and I found some quilt blocks at a sale and I brought them home. I laid them out on the design wall and here’s what it looked like.

How about that horrible yellow! I was at a loss and trying to figure out what to do about those 6 blocks….. So she says, what if we take the yellow off?

I know, right!

So we did and I found another color that blends more.



So. Much. Better.

I’m tellin’ ya, it was pure genius.

I also recently made the husband a birthday gift and I’ll share that soon. I haven’t got good pics of it yet.

Have a good week, friends.


Dream Big, Chickie

My niece recently turned 20 years old. Like her parents, I was so not ready for that. But the girl has become a beautiful, talented, driven young woman and I’m so proud of her. Back when she was little, she wanted to be called Moose. I called her Chickie Poo, which changed to just Chickie. It was fun, and then we all outgrew the nickname thing….kinda sad. But I’ll sneak it in here, because I can.

This was the beginning of her quilt. The “main” fabric was going to be the paper airplane one, it means something to her, so I just needed to find things to go with it. The minty aqua color is a fave, so I made sure to use a few of those. I like pink so of course it made the cut. I think I found 17 fabrics that I liked, and I used all of them.

The quilt is basic triangles in rows. Nothing fancy. I tried hard not to get “sames” right next to each other, but there are some that are “right by.” The navy fabric really stands out, but it’s got the mint and pink colors in it, so I left it in.

I used a very fun globe, flower, love fabric for the back. It is also pink. A very light pink, so it’s kinda sneaky that way.

I quilted this on my home machine using various designs that I like. Swirls, flowers, leaves, cursive L’s….kind of a mix of stuff. I used the airplane border fabric for the binding also. The scrappy bindings I’ve been doing lately didn’t seem to suit for this one.

This quilt is much larger than I’d planned for it to be, but it looked so pitiful without a border…..

I gave this to my niece on Sunday, when we celebrated her day and the mama’s. It was lovely.

And because I don’t have enough going on, I started yet another Log Cabin. I enjoy it so much and it really breaks up the day, sewing, sewing, sewing…

Have a good week, friends.


One Blockheads Block is Enough for Me

I’d planned to sew along with the Blockheads II group on facebook but just didn’t find the time. When I saw this block though, it was just in time! I’d needed a big block (or 3) for a runner the husband asked me to make.

At 18″ this block fit my plan perfectly. I chose the colors, trying to coordinate them with the rest of the colors in the church auditorium. I did have to leave a seam unfinished so the microphone had a space to poke thru.

I will say that I won’t make this block again. There were a hundred million HSTs and the thing is so bumpy with all those seams! I know, I should have pressed them open, and I did with some of them but after the second block, I was going for speed, not what was the best thing to do.

It turned out the perfect size, covering a not so perfect table. I enjoyed quilting it with the meandering flower, with thread matching the background. The binding matches the border and the center crowns in the blocks. It seems to work for its purpose.

I’ve been doing a little other sewing lately, just bits and pieces here and there. Whatever I can fit in during the minutes I have.

This sister’s choice block went together pretty quickly today. Fun colors and so pretty.

This is the beginnings of another request by the husband. The top is ready to layer, quilt and bind. I’ll get to it soon…

I may have already shared this one. It’s still hanging around. It’s huge, probably king sized. I can’t quilt it, so I’m just waiting to see what I end up doing with it. I know how I’d like it quilted, so that’s something, right. It’s for the guest bed, so it really isn’t urgent.

The Quilt Expo is in Chicago again this year, this weekend in fact. I got to attend years ago with friends and we had such a fun time. All the shopping and quilts to visit! It was great!

The crowds were unbelievable so I’ll be enjoying it via facebook and instagram this time.

Oh, I recently watched a vlog (is that the right word?) where a young quilter was opening one of those monthly club boxes….well anyway, she took out one of the items and it had Alex Anderson’s name on it. She didn’t know who she was!


I got to meet Alex years ago at the Chicago Expo, and she was as nice as could be!

Unbelievable that a whole generation of quilters probably really don’t know who she is.

Have a good weekend, friends!