“Quarantine Grunge Quilt”

My first introduction to the Grunge line of fabrics by Basic Grey (Moda) was several years ago. My first thought was that it looked like someone rubbed it on concrete, distressing it in the worst way. But now, after seeing how versatile it can be, as a background especially, I just love using it!

There’s a TON of colors available as they release new ones every year. For this quilt I used a Jelly Roll that my husband gave me for Christmas some time ago. I saved it for the perfect project, which was actually a very simple and plain quilt. The pattern can be found at http://www.unitednotions.com/fp_grunge.pdf

Quarantine Grunge Quilt

The pattern is truly one of the simplest I’ve ever seen, but I love the impact! Squares in squares!

When I first started sewing them together I was very methodical, doing one at a time making sure it was “just so.” I made certain that the colors worked with each other and tried very hard not to be matchy matchy. (It is really hard for me NOT to be matchy matchy.)

Squares in squares.

After I noticed the blocks were looking kind of “typical” I decided to put some light colors together, and dark colors together. And colors that I didn’t especially like with those that I love!

Pink Grunge on the back!

Even if I didn’t love each individual square, the overall effect is interesting. And symmetrical, as my husband likes to say. Modern quilts are not his thing, but he liked this one well enough. “Its symmetrical.”

Light yellow with white makes it fun!

I loved making this quilt. It didn’t take long once I started. It sat around waiting to be quilted, and once I decided on that awesome pink backing, it was complete in two days.

I quilted it with something Angela Walters calls the Swirl Hook. I’m not great at it, but I love how it looks here.

Up close and personal with the Swirl Hook.

Originally I’d planned to quilt this one with straight lines using navy thread. Why? Who knows, at the time I made it that just seemed right. But by the time I got to piecing the backing and figuring out binding, the pink was the clear winner. The original plan was to use gold grunge for the binding too, but that also changed. The more pink, the better in my opinion.

See that pink thread?

Years ago when I first started quilting, I used any old thread for every part of it. Not the cheapo stuff, but not the most pricey either. It makes a difference, but that’s a discussion for another day.

I have discovered that I really, really like using a thicker thread for the quilting. I don’t think this is common but I’m not sure. I just like it. I don’t want my quilting to blend into the top, I want it to show. I’ve worked hard to get it half way decent looking, and I think thick thread is pretty.

I had two spools of the pink thread, that matches the back perfectly, and I just prayed it was enough to do the whole quilt.

That rotten thing has happened to me before. I have run out of a certain color of thread before completing a project, more than once. What quilter hasn’t?

So it was plenty of thread for this project! And I’m so glad.

Approved by Bo.

I’ve got several other projects in the works right now, at various stages of completion. This way I can decide what I want to do and find the appropriate project.

Or I start something new. (Eye roll) It’s a hazard of the hobby.

Have a great week, friends.


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