Cat’s Paw

I know, not a very original name but I was so pressed for time, it was cute enough and easy.

I started sewing this quilt together in my mind in August when I got the kit at an estate sale. Not the best way to complete something at all. I actually started on it in October, planning to do a bit every week. Life happened and it did not get sewn “a little bit every week.” I ended up with the flu over thanksgiving then recovering for almost the entire two weeks.

I actually worked like a maniac in the two weeks before Christmas to finish it. Now, it was NOT a Christmas gift. It was more of a “Here, you need a flannel backed quilt with kitties on it because I’m cold” kind of gift. Yes, I backed it with a super soft pretty gray flannel. And it is large. Hopefully the whole family will fit under it!

I pretty much followed the directions in the kit, afraid that if I didn’t, I’d run out of a fabric and then have to freak! It is quilted very simply with loops that are similar to yarn falling off the couch and rolling all over. Or cursive L’s, as I like to call the loopy meander. It’s not perfect, but it is finished and given with love.

I had no issues with the binding which is a new thing for me. I’ve been doing the last few bindings differently these days, and this was the first time I didn’t “miss” any areas. Score!

I also completed a quilt for the husband for Christmas (his WAS an actual gift) and I’ll share it soon. I finished it the Sunday before….so no pics yet.

I hope the holidays were happy for all who read this blog. Our days were very noisy and loads of fun, then very quiet and easy going. Perfect for us as we share the day with our parents.

As this year comes to a close, I’m thankful for so many dear people in my life. Those who share my days, those who pray with me and for me, those who share my love of quilting. I am well and truly blessed.



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