I’ve completed a few projects lately, and even enjoyed giving a gift to a friend. Last week I gifted A Quilt for Thelma to a good friend. She was terribly surprised and loved it! I got the sweetest thank you note, just gushing appreciation.

The pattern is Keyhole by Missouri Star Quilt Company. I used a very bright jelly roll for the body, second border and binding for the quilt. I think this is the first time I used the entire roll! I had the orange and gray fabrics in the stash, and they worked out pretty well. It was lots of fun to make and to give. The pattern doesn’t require background fabric, so that’s always a plus, IMO. I quilted it with my favorite flower meander. It is so fun and forgiving, love it!

Next I made some HST’s and tried a few different layouts…

None of them worked for me, so those bits are in a basket for another day.

After making my daughter’s Nightmare Before Christmas themed quilt earlier this year, I had a few leftover blocks that I’d sewn into a square. I decided to put a border on and make a pillow cover for her.

I added a spider in the quilting (she hasn’t noticed it yet 🕷) and a spiderweb 🕸. Not perfect but it’s not so easy to see so it’s fine, the rest of it is swirls.

I backed it with the creepy head fabric. She liked it.

Finally, the project I’m working on now, a batik Milky Way quilt. I don’t know if that’s the correct name or not. I saw it on The Midnight Quilt Show. Anyway, my sample blocks turned out pretty cute, see?

I’ll be finishing them up into a wall hanging for my MIL. Pretty cute, with the light and dark points….so I thought the batiks would be a good idea.

I loved this first one. The brown just looks cool. I finished up the rest of them and put them on the wall.

The layout is supposed to be diagonal rows of dark and light halves of the blocks. Not seeing it in all of them. So in the one photo, I turned them so the dark would all be in the same corner. Not sure which way this one will end up just yet. Sometimes a mystery is good.

The last thing I’ve been fiddling with is the tumbler quilt made using 2 1/2″ pieces.

I’ve got another section almost ready to add on, so it could be finished soon! This is the quilt I’d started for the guest room, but I’ve decided to use it on our bed until the double wedding ring is done.

I’m hoping to wrap up a few smaller projects over the next few weeks.

Ha! Aren’t we all?

Have a good weekend, friends.



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