“This is not the quilt you’re looking for…”

Some time ago I put this Moda Love quilt pattern together using Star Wars fabrics. The husband seems to require a quilt for everything he likes, so this would be perfect for his birthday. I had less than a week to baste, quilt and finish this huge (74″ square) thing!

And I did, but man, did it take a long time to quilt! Some of it was a lot of fun to do, like the dark blue areas. I quilted wavy, pointy lines radiating from the center.

Some of it was horrible! Trying to do the dot to dot on such a big triangle was a mistake, but “we don’t become a better quilter by ripping it out” so I did them all. Badly, but the same.

I realized today, while I was taking pictures. That the backing is not going the way I want it to. Seriously, does one not check such things while one is laying the whole thing out?!

Apparently not. (Eye roll)

The quilting that I think is the coolest thing, and the reason I kept putting this project off for months, is the very center.

It’s the Death Star.

I know, right? And of course months ago when I asked him what he thought of that idea, he thought it was awesome! Then I got nervous about actually doing it, so I put it all aside. It’s not perfect, but the general idea is there. And it wasn’t as hard as I thought it’d be. Imagine that.

I used some Millennium Falcon yardage for the back. It’s super cool, but like I said, not quite right.

See what I mean?

The name of the quilt absolutely cracks me up. Be sure to do the hand motion while you say it.

See! Hilarious.

(You have to be an old school Star Wars fan to get it…)

On the rest of the quilt I did loops. Not fancy, but it will hold the layers together, and that is the point.

The Moda pattern was easy to do, but I think next time I’d use MUCH smaller pieces. Quilting such a large project on my machine is just harder than it used to be. I should probably start lifting weights.

So, the husband liked the quilt and had a happy birthday. Really, I wouldn’t trade him for anything.

May the force be with you.



2 thoughts on ““This is not the quilt you’re looking for…”

  1. Wonderful quilt and we both know He will love it because you made it. I have a top here that I finished 3 years ago for Brian and Miranda that I am afraid to quilt because it is 81 x 81. I even bought aGracie frame tl do it on. My Janome Horizon 7700 fits on it nut I M still nervous. Now not pnly are they married but the baby is due this week and npw the swester set is not finished either. AND I had toe surgery yesterday and it hurts too bad yo do anything today.

    Funny how forget the pain between surgeries. I had the same surgery last December and forhot thsy quickly. I know I fprhot because I planned to work all day today. Not happening.

    I applaud all the work you do. And stand in awe of the quilts you finish.

    Love you,

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    1. Thank you for the kind words! I hope you get to feeling better soon. I know when I’m hurting it’s no use trying to do much. You can always give the quilt as an anniversary gift, so don’t rush it. Watch some quilting videos (Angela Walters is my fave) and practice. Your setup will really help you once you get to it! Rest up and feel better!


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