For Elsie

So yesterday I decided to make a quilt for a baby girl. I finished it today! What a cute and easy pattern, Baby Bargello, available at Jordan Fabrics. It’s a free download and super fast and fun to do.

I didn’t have fabrics that would work to put the multiple borders on, but I had just enough of this pretty yellow to put on one border. I used a white with yellow and light gray for the binding, as nothing else seemed to work.

I used a mini jelly roll (15 strips) called Lulabelle. I’d had it sitting on a shelf for a long time and it worked out well. Of course, it’s been there so long I couldn’t even begin to find fabrics from the line to go with it. Actually I didn’t try, because I wanted this quilt done quick.

I quilted it with light yellow thread and light purple in the bobbin. It matched the backing well enough.

Yes, I’ve had that fabric for some time too. Love it!

I quilted the flower meander, which is one of my favorites to do for girls. All over patterns are perfect for baby quilts, in my opinion.

After finishing this sweet project, I thought I’d try the double wedding ring pattern. I know, am I nuts? I’ve been avoiding it FOR YEARS. But it’s something the husband thinks we need and he thinks I should do it. So I used the accuquilt die and cut out a few pieces.

This is what I have so far. The directions on the packaging are terrible. Unless it’s me. The first one I did is better than the other two. My plan is to try one more, then put the center piece in and see how it looks. Not making any promises, dear husband.

Hope your weekend is blessed, friends.



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