Tender Hearts

Talk about being out of the loop! Anything I may have sewn in the last seven weeks have been gifts that I couldn’t share until they were given! But today I can finally share one of them!

About two weeks ago the husband informed me that a very special couple was moving on to another place to care for children, and could I make them a quilt? Seeing that they are two of my favorite people, who have always been kind and supportive to me, of course I’d make them a quilt! The very next day I saw the Kira pattern, by GE Designs (of Iceland!!!!) and knew it’d be fun for them. And as it happens, husband accidentally bought me two of the same layer cake for Christmas so I had enough to make this for tall people!

This is before I added another row to one side and the bottom. Isn’t it cool? I used Moda’s Spectrum line, which is actually WAY out of my traditional comfort zone, but I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! The fabrics are bright and cheerful, and lookit my cute slippers!

Anyway, I wanted to quilt this in a unique, fun way and I did. But it surely isn’t perfect! But that’s okay, I hear I’ll get better with practice. (Thanks, Leah Day and Angela Walters.) I tried to do some “dot to dot” quilting, but I’m pretty sure my squares were just too big so the lines are pretty wobbly.

Here are a couple of pics of quilting that wasn’t half bad.

I used a Tim Holtz fabric for the backing and a green that matched the blocks for the binding.

How about those pebbles! Not perfect but you can tell they’re pebble-ly. I did not quilt on the many triangles as I wanted them to pop out. In the close up pics you really can’t tell, but in this one…..

POP! What terrible lighting, huh? This was taken in a basement on a cloudy day, what can ya do? And like I said, not perfect. But finished, and delivered, so I can share.

So, on a personal note, for those of you who want to be in the know…..we have a new doggy in the house. #meetbo

He joined us in November and has quickly captured our hearts. He hilarious and a lotta energy, so we’re teaching him to be a little more lazy while he teaches us to move it!

Early in December I got sick with an ear issue, which became a cold, which became pink eye, which made the cold worse, which caused a sore throat and cough that wouldn’t quit! I am finally much closer to normal, even though the cough persists.

Christmas was fun for us, with almost all the family together. And like I said, husband worked off my list which included one creative grids ruler, one jelly roll, two layer cakes, a fave puzzle and some lovely earrings. He always comes thru in a big way. New Year’s Eve was a bummer, as I was still dealing with illness. It is what it is.

Finally, a gift a can only share this much because it hasn’t been given yet…

And right now I’m working on this, which is also a gift.

It’s nice to be back to sewing some. I’ve missed it.

I hope 2018 is good to you, friends.



One thought on “Tender Hearts

  1. WOW Lynette this is beautiful I love the pattern inside a pattern and the quilting is awesome. What lucky friends to receive this beautiful piece of art.

    Liked by 1 person

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