“Deer One” 

Yesterday we had a baby shower for my sweet sister in law. The group was small, just seven of us, but it was lovely. One gramma, two aunts, three cousins and the baby mama! What a joyful time! We were told months ago that we were not to go overboard on the “pink.” “Some” is okay, but not like “you guys usually do.” 

Yes, friends, those were the words my brother and his lovely wife used. Anyone who knows us at all will appreciate the great restraint we used in all things for this event. Here are a few pictures of our table….

I know! Yellow gingham! And wood from the yard we grew up playing in! And a sweet little deer and flowers! It was pretty darn cute, even though it wasn’t pink! Nice food was eaten and yummy treats too, and some blessings for our baby and her sweet family. It was a fun day with family.

The quilt I gave this baby was started four years ago, when her brother was on his way. I started it with this great plan and then it just fizzled. I put it in the closet for a while (well, just shy of four years) and came across it after the announcement that he’d have a sister. I kept looking at it, thinking it needed something. 

Then I’d put it away again. Finally when I was shopping for ideas for the shower, I found the most adorable little stuffed deer…which then set the theme for the shower. And the quilt. If I could find a silhouette of a deer, I could appliqué (what? Who am I anyway?!) it near the tree. Yes, I fused a tree and leaves on there back in the day, they were trying to peel….. Anyway, I did and I did. It’s not perfect, that is always my disclaimer when giving a gift, but mama and daddy loved it.

This was very much a made up pattern. I set the squares and blocks on point, I was really into that four years ago, because I thought it added to the design. The pinwheel blocks are supposed to be either flowers or part of the sun’s rays. I had planned originally to quilt grass sticking up, and swirly wind and sunshine rays, but I didn’t. I just wasn’t feeling it, you know? So I quilted the organic lines, which has become my fall-back quilting choice. After quilting the entire top, about two inches apart, I asked a friend if that was “enough”. This is the same friend I told “more organic lines is always better!” when she asked me. Yes, she reminded me of this, and I did end up adding more. And it was the right thing to do! I’d even say, the better thing to do!  

Of course, being, well, me, I wanted to make something else for the baby, with just a “little bit of pink.” I decided to try to make a round quilt using Dresden “blades.” I cut them long, using fat quarters I’d had for a while. The quilt ended up about 54 inches across. I chose a backing and used leftovers cut on the bias, of course, for the binding. For all the mitered corners I skipped making a round quilt, I made up for it on the “Deer One.” ( Yes, take a look at those corners, all of them. 🙄)

Goodness, please excuse my messy sewing room floor! It’s all full of strings and loose threads, I KNOW your sewing space isn’t anything like that! 

I quilted something different in each “blade” which was not as clever as it sounds. I tried to alternate between something curvy and something pointy. Like swirls and zig zag lines. After about 15 I was looking up things to do. Thank you, Leah Day! I don’t have any in progress pics of either of these quilts, sorry about that. But here are a few of the quilting on “Circle of Life.”

Yes, I tried to do a flower in the center. It’s not horrible so I’m happy enough with it. The baby will love it and spit on it and drool so I think it’ll do. 

Here’s a shot of the binding and you can also see the back! It’s a very happy quilt, with “just a little bit of pink.”

Today I wanted to try the Paisley Feather quilting design. Angela Walters put a tutorial up on YouTube a week or so ago and I’ve been watching it over and over, trying to wrap my mind around how to do it. So I found something I had pieced some time ago and layered it and sat down to give it a try.

Oh. My. Goodness. I did it! Lookit.

Ok, it’s not perfect, but it’s not horrible either!

I think if I practice some more I can do this on a real quilt! Like a bigger one! 

Here’s the back.

I KNOW! Even my tension isn’t bad! So I would definitely recommend watching the tutorial over and over and over and then try it! It’s so fun! Even my daughter said it was “cool.” 

Isn’t it wonderful to learn a new thing? It really is.

Learn something new this week, friends. Even if it’s something simple.

You never know what you can do until you try.



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