March was a BLUR!!!

First of all, I must apologize for neglecting my blog…..I’ve been doing a wee bit of sewing, but not too much sharing. Well, that’s only half true, I’ve been on Instagram! What a nice bunch of people! So if you’re friends (or whatever they call it) with me there, you may have seen these pics already. 

BUT, there’s a story and Instagram doesn’t have this scoop. 😉

So, I finally got the binding on my MIL’s quilt that she sent to me last year around this time. It’s not that it was hard, it’s just not my fave thing to do. I’ll be sending this one her way next week.

It turned out really nice, the colors are perfect and a striped binding is always awesome.

Once I finished the tall tales blocks (see the previous post) I wanted something that was not paper piecing. I found my Swoon blocks that I had started last year and made two more. 

They are completely sewn together now. I am not crazy about the fabrics anymore. How did THAT happen!? So I’m putting it aside until I either change my mind or need a quick “add sashing and borders and finish it up” project. I’ll get back to it sometime. Again, the Swoon block is very easy to put together, but the cutting! Talk about confusion. It’s probably me, but goodness, I double checked myself a zillion times.

Now, the estate sale haul! Yesterday there was a local estate sale and since it was right behind the grocery store, I stopped in. There was a pretty good sized selection of cotton fabric to look thru. The first lady who commented to me about it said, “I can’t believe someone measured all this!” I laughed, but I was glad that “someone” did!

So, here is the first pic.

I KNOW! Lorelie fabrics! Three of them have cats on them, but the Bathing Beauties! How cute is that!? I always enjoy fabric from this company, but I never buy it, I don’t know why! So excited to use them in something fun!

Next up are some fabrics that just needed to come home with me….

The “golds” are just lovely. I used up a lot of my yellow fabrics making that Minion quilt last fall, so it’s nice to get a few to mix in with what’s left. And the ones with pink, well, I like pink. I like it a lot. 

Next is a bunch of fabrics designed by Laurel Burch. See the Christmas trees in the pic above? Well, that’s the only piece that is seasonal, but the color in the others! So vibrant and bright! Lookit.

Cats, hummingbirds, butterflies and Christmas trees…. I don’t know what I’ll do with it, but I’m thrilled to have it.

I love love love this next group of fabrics! Especially the third one! And the second one! I dont know if they were meant to work together, but I love them! Gotta figure out something cool for them. Husband decided the first one looked oriental so it’s going into that pile.

Next are some batiks. I usually don’t go for batiks but the ones I brought home were just beautiful.

See? They’re gorgeous. So I WILL figure out a project that will make them shine! 

So as March comes to an end, I am feeling blessed. The husband spent most of the month in Ireland, for work. One would think I’d have had oodles of time to sew, but I didn’t. Life is busy and full and rich. 

I am so blessed.

Have a great weekend, friends.


If you want to catch me on Instagram – – – @nettethequilter



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