Tall Tales Block, it’s not you, it’s me….

Paper piecing, right? One of the things I did a lot of at the beginning of my quilting story (yes, pun intended!). Carol Doak was my hero as she taught me through books and whenever I could catch her on Simply Quilts. 

But people, it’s been a while. So now that I’m multi social media minded, I discover the Tall Tales block. It’s a BOOK! It’s got to be the most adorable thing I’ve seen in ages.  And yes, it’s paper pieced. As we are avid book readers, I really wanted to give it a try.

My first one:

Not bad for a first. And yes, those are the same fabrics from two recent projects. When I decided to jump in, I didn’t want to use something I cared about in case things went badly. Since I had these pieces laying around (they were about 12″ x 14) they would do to be my sample book blocks. 

When I make a bunch of the same block, whether it’s paper pieced or regular, I make one to see how it goes. See if there are quirks in the pattern, or if I miscut I’ve only done so for one block. This works for me. I like to have a little assembly line set up, so once the “sample” is done, I can go to town.

I am nowhere near town, friends.

These are most of my supplies, and block parts. Once I make a book block without having to unsew, I will assembly line the rest. I’m on block five. Geez. One at a time going on here……

As I’ve struggled along, I’ve remembered tips from long ago. The postcard trick (I’m using a bookmark), the add a quarter and add an eighth rulers that help with trimming.  Yes, now that I have only four blocks to go, I’m almost with the program.

Even though it’s been a bit of a challenge today, I like the blocks. A lot. Maybe things will go smoother tomorrow. 

I recently finished what I hope is my last tshirt quilt. At least for a while. A long while.

Have a great Sunday, friends.



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