Why can’t I just save it?

Seriously people, what is wrong with me? I started a project the other day, my Circle quilt. I used a set of fat quarters that I had taken apart sometime last year. I made the binding for it yesterday and half-heartedly planned to layer and bind it today.

But I didn’t.

The leftovers from making a pieced binding, along with the bits from cutting the “Circle” blades were just staring me in the face with their odd shapes and crooked sides. 


So I cut them into ten inch squares, kind of making my very own layer cake…..

Then I cut them some more! And I made this!

I know it’s oddly shaped, I like it that way. This will be for a baby girl, sometime….

But I still had leftovers! Oh my goodness. I had cut all the ten inch pieces into the thimble shape, so what to do with the six I had leftover? 

Geez, I did this.

It’ll be a table runner. 

So I am left with really weirdly shaped pieces, especially after cutting out 2 1/2″ tumblers.

Yeah, I did. 

Now I’m pretty sure I can’t get much else out of the bits that are left. I will use them as starters and stoppers while I’m sewing, but I think that’s about all they’re good for.

Does anyone else just “use it up” so you don’t have to put it away? I feel somewhat ridiculous today. This isn’t the first time I’ve done this sort of thing. 

I will keep strips of fabric 1″ wide, leftover scraps that I can at least get a 2 1/2″ square from, leftover bindings and canvas-like ribbon (for gift wrap bows) that’s on charm packs or FQ bundles. And selveges, if they’re cute, colorful or funny.

No wonder my sewing space becomes a disaster zone so quickly.

Have a great weekend, friends!



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