Circle Time

Since the tshirt quilt top is complete, I thought I’d put my new “Ten degree tool” to use. It was delivered on Sunday and I’ve been so excited to give it a try. It’s almost as long as a fat quarter, so I wanted to be sure to use a FQ set, thus not so much matching and choosing. JUST LOTS OF CUTTING AND SEWING! 

It was much like cutting out fans for a Dresden block, but they were quite a bit longer, see? I did not seam the tips, as I want  a round quilt.

How about that! The hole in the center is larger than I thought it’d be, but I guess I can make a circle to appliqué (😝) in any size, right?

 I will also need bias binding, so that’s another thing I usually avoid like the plague. But I think it’s pretty cute. Here’s a shot of my fave section….

Love the polka dots! Even the leftover scraps are cute.

I’m tellin’ ya! 

Mostly since the tshirt top is assembled I wanted to try something different. And cute and fun. And round! Oy, what have I gotten myself into? Bias binding? Appliqué circles? Next thing you know I’ll be sewing curves!




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