The First Projects 

Needless to say, I was very anxious to sew something (ANYTHING!!!!) in my new sewing room! Just couple of small things, to get a “feel” for the area and set up.  The first thing I completed was a baby girl quilt, for a friend’s daughter’s baby.

This was a top for  a couple years, and now it will be at the shower this weekend, then handy for the baby in April. I quilted it with swirls because the design is so very straight lined.  I hope it softens up and is super cozy for the baby when she’s born.

It was during the quilting that I noticed a problem with the new set up. The machine bounced around like crazy when I’d sew fast! I mean, crazy rodeo bouncing! Since then the husband came up with a velcro strap to keep the machine solidly in place. I don’t know what I’d do without that man.

The next project is a boy baby quilt. This one has been just a top for a couple years too. I loved the fabrics but nothing seemed to “go” with it, for borders or finishing. Until I made it happen. The stars seem to match just enough to make it work. The dark navy and silvery stars fabric was given to me a while ago by a friend who decided not to quilt anymore. She will be happy to know it was well used.

A comment about the carpet squares in my sewing room. Threads, batting fuzz and anything else I drop seems to stick like it’s been glued to the floor. You know how you run the vacuum over and over a spot, and nothing seems to be happening? Yeah, it’s kind of like that. 

The last project was started right after I made the super long table runner for the furniture holding the new tv. There were a whole mess of HST’s that I just couldn’t throw away. So I sewed them together. Then I thought it’d be nice to make something to use in the living room, where the tv is. We have an ottoman we’ve always kept a quilt on, because the dogs nails would snag the fabric, so that’s what I decided to make.

I got lucky when it came to the math to figure out how many larger HST’s to make….booya! But one row around wasn’t quite large enough, so I added another. 

The husband chose the binding fabric, since he was in the room while I was deciding. I quilted this with the organic lines, mostly because it was fast and easy. I do love the look though.

I used this fabric from 2002 for the back. I have about 4 inches left of it, so that’s nice. I wanted something that wouldn’t be busy or overwhelm the front. The front really is busy enough on its own. 

So now that I’ve done a couple of small projects, I’ve got a short list of what else needs to get done. The first is sewing the binding on a quilt my MIL made last year. That won’t take long. The second is a tshirt quilt for a lovely young lady who has been very patiently waiting for it. After those two things are done, I want to work on a couple more things that are hanging in the closet….

That’s my plan, anyway.



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