The Big Reveal

It has been soooooo difficult to NOT share the baby steps of the completion of my sewing room! It’s been mostly done for over a week, but there was still wood on my counter! And sawdust on the floor and tools all over the place! Until this afternoon. Ha! Since I took the Christmas tree down today (don’t judge) I thought I’d clean up in the new room too. 

This first pic was taken from the doorway. This room is humongous now! Eleven by eighteen feet, to be somewhat exact. On the right is the cutting table, which still needs some of the trim so I don’t jab myself in the hip when I walk by. The chair is my spare chair. For now, it will be there, away from the sewing counter. A small bookshelf with a few books, baskets and stuff for ironing. And a picture of the amazing husband who made it all happen. My ironing board with its new cover is conveniently behind the sewing area. I love the cd rack full of charm packs, a couple jelly rolls and my fave piggies top it off.

The next pic is my sewing area. 

I know, right! So. Much. Room.

Husband still has a couple things to do regarding wood, stain and nails. But for the most part, I have a stinking TON of space! Those magazines have been gone thru and aren’t there anymore! I’ve got two sets of bright pink drawers, pretty much full of the stuff they used to hold. But I did dump all of the thread into one drawer instead of the wall thread racks. I’m not sure if I’ll use them again, I figured I’d see how it goes like this for a while.

A close up of my personal space.

The walls seem really empty, don’t they? I’m guessing that will change. I sewed a little bit today, just to see how it all flows…. it’s awesome.

I love my chair. My daughter and I painted both chairs pink many years ago. I had gotten them at a garage sale. Then we decorated them as we saw fit. Like I said, I love my chair.

Guess what I finally get to use!

Ta da! I’ve had this for years and years but the counter was always so high, it just was absurd trying to make it work. I’d have to lift my foot way off the ground to do it. Now the whole counter is the perfect height for me to utilize this awesome accessory. Booya!

I’m still trying to figure out the best place for my calendar and clock. 

Maybe on that weird spot I never noticed until I saw this picture. I figure I’ll get them up in the next couple weeks. 

The view from the sewing area.

There’s the chair my daughter painted, cute, huh? I love the carpet squares. We got them at a very reasonable price and laid them out so the stripes alternate direction. I was so happy that they’re dark, dark gray and not some goofy color. I’ve got the extra sewing machine under the cutting area for now, so that’s fun. All of my BLOCK magazines (which are more like books because there are no ads) are in the bookshelf that supports the cutting counter. I like to keep them handy. The binders in the other bookshelf are where I put lots of patterns from the magazines I went thru last year. Another favorite organizational tool I use is the piece of wood that is holding my rulers. So handy dandy.

See that rope basket (for lack of a better word) on the floor? I got that at Target for $5 and I wish I had gotten more! It’s pretty, it’s soft and it’s being used for a garbage can! I need something right by the cutting table and for now it works. I got the floor mat at Costco and it is really nice. I’ve never had the space for one before and I think I’m really going to like it. (The sides of the cutting table are where the trim still needs to go. I bumped into the corners about 4 times this afternoon.)

The cedar closet is still pretty much the same.

It’s still got a bunch of stuff in it that I need to find a place for… the mini design wall. Not sure if I’ll put that up again or not. The floor is so spacious, I may just use it. Maybe. I was going to move the shelf units from the cedar closet to the far wall, but I think I won’t. I like the open space and I think I’ll be able to baste in here on the floor, instead of just outside the sewing room in the basement. 

My previous space….

I know! What a difference! I am so thrilled with my new space! I got a lot done in the old space, a lot! I’ve made quilts for family and friends. I’ve made just about whatever the husband can dream up, and believe me, he can dream up some doozies. I taught my MIL to quilt in that tiny room. The makeover still just amazes me.

Years ago I mentioned to the husband that we could knock down the office wall…… He didn’t go for it for about 11 years. Then suddenly he’s asking me what I’d like and what I’m thinking. So I made my little mock-up and showed him. AND HE MADE IT HAPPEN! He didn’t even freak out when I chose the paint color. I love love love the colors in there. 

But I LOVE LOVE LOVE him more.

Thank you, my dear man.



2 thoughts on “The Big Reveal

  1. Wow!! It looks great! You should really get a lot of quilting done now. I started out doing UFO’s in January – got three finished but Febuary is at a stand still. I did teach a few women at church a small wool appliqué heart project but not much since then. Been reading a bunch of books!! If you like to read books by Serena Miller are good. Her husband was a preacher for the church an Amish community in Ohio. He passed away recently. A member here calls it her home congregation and knows them. She includes a lot of information about the groups within the Amish. One series (not Amish) takes place in the 1800’s in Michigan and are loosely based on a grandmothers life experiences. One series has been made into Hallmark movies. I am glad you finally got your space. My sister in coming next month for a month – making a trip to NC and SC and will see Tammy and meet a brother in SC at Myrtle Beach. Plus will attend a quilt retreat in WV. Have fun in your new room!!

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