What a Month!

Since I last blogged quite a few things have happened: birthday parties, sewing two gifts, Christmas, some very stressful days, a new year and new president, a new job for the daughter and finally…….a SEWING ROOM REMODEL! 

Yes, it’s true! The remodel is in the finishing up stages, and it’s so pretty! I will show pictures soon of the NEW room, but first, we’ll refer to the old room(s).

Here is my previous sewing space before clearing it out.

It was a good space and served well for 13+ years. But it seemed cramped and tiny, especially if I had a guest sewing too. The room is approximately 9′ x 11′. The L shaped countertop took up lots of space and made it seem small. 

Here it is emptied out a bit….

I know! Clearing everything out makes it look so big! Anyway, the wall to the left, above the long counter, is what was removed. My husband’s office is on the other side. Here is that photo.

This room is also 9′ x 11′, so now my sewing room is HUGE! HUGE, I tell you!

This is the point we were at earlier this week. It looks like a disaster, doesn’t it!? Now the mess is cleaned up and the walls are painted and the office door is gone! It’s a wall now. It’s amazingly awesome to have a room built especially for the purpose of sewing.

Since we still have a bit to do, I will just share this pic for now. The short countertop has become a cutting table, WITH a bookshelf end. The ugly tile is under the carpet tiles, which are the perfect color! 

And the walls! I love the two *sewing room fuschia* walls. (When I went to get more paint, they renamed the color for me. Ivan, the paint guy, asked what room it was for…so I told him. Then he asked if “sewing room fuschia” was okay as a name for the paint. I think it’s beyond awesome!) And the weirdo place at the top of the pic, it doesn’t really look weird. Must be the light or flash or something.

The trim for the countertop will be finished up soon. Husband is even talking about building some undershelves so this could get even more awesome! AWESOMER!!

Friends, I can’t even tell you how this room is a dream coming true for me. The space is just wonderful, as you will see next time, and the gift of Mr Man giving me his office space, it means so much.

Hoping to have more pics soon!

Have a wonderful Sunday!



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