The Runner

When one has a piece of furniture that is longer than your average piece of furniture, one needs a table runner to fit. This has been my mission the last day or so. I actually opened one of my Massdrop purchases and USED IT!  I decided to go with a star pattern, but it’s one I haven’t done before. 

Now I know why. Oy! It’s lovely and eventually I got the hang of it, but thank goodness I only made six blocks.

These are the fabrics I chose to be my “lights.” I love the one with the 🈚️🈷🈺 writing. The next pic shows the “darks.”

These all had to be paired up a certain way to get the design right. A light and a dark, a dark and a dark, another light and other dark. It confused me so I only did one block at a time. Well, one quarter of one block at a time. It was a trip, let me tell you!

My attempt at organization.

Once I finished the blocks, I had some pieces leftover so I decided the layout would be offset, instead of a regular type of row of blocks. I added four plain squares to one side of each block. Then turned every other one so they did this.

Today I will layer, quilt and bind it, so it’s all set for the new furniture.

🎶 Under pressure 🎶

Have a good day!



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