“Capture the Moment”

Earlier this year I put a quilt together, using a pattern my MIL picked out. I enjoyed the process and love the fabrics! Then it was put away for a while. A few months ago I put borders on it, and put it away again.

I learned a couple weeks ago that our church ladies were putting a basket together for a bride-to-be! I signed up to make a quilt, because that is just what I do. 

Did I have time to work on it? No. Did I commit to something I wouldn’t be able to finish? Maybe. Did I go for it on Saturday and finish it with time to spare? 

Oh yes. I. So. Did.

The bride’s favorite color is red, so this UFO was the perfect thing for her. I love that there are bits of pink in the quilt too, as that’s MY fave color. I think I used two different charm packs and the red strips were from a 1.5″ roll. I quilted it with the swirly twirls I’ve been doing lately, and used a classy red for the back. 

I hope Kim and Mark enjoy this gift. I really enjoyed the making of it, over time, of course.



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