It’s been over a month…..

Since I’ve blogged. But I have been sewing like crazy! I finished three quilts during the last couple of weeks, all for special people at the children’s home.

The first was a retirement quilt for the principal at the school. This woman has worked there for 25 years in one capacity or another, and she’s my friend! I used the same fabrics as I did for one of the auction quilts in September. She was very surprised and pretty happy with it.

I named it “Blessed.” I know she has blessed many in her work, and I’m certain she feels quite blessed too.

The next two quilts were for the raffle for the staff at the children’s home. I made them Christmas themed, because it seemed the thing to do! One was the Jelly Roll Race pattern, so easy peasy. And cute! The other is the Big Star Charm pattern by Missouri Star Quilt Company. I haven’t seen a pattern for it, but the tutorial is on you tube. 

Both were made using fabrics from my stash, collected over 20 years. The big star pattern actually doesn’t include the pinwheel in their tutorial. Well, it does, but Jenny uses all the same fabrics, so it looks solid. I liked that a lot too, but I figured since it IS a pinwheel, it should BE a pinwheel. These quilts were both “won” by very special women that I just adore! Both are my friends and I’m thrilled that they’re so happy with them!

At the end of September we got to finally go on a vacation. It was the most wonderful trip and at the perfect time! Pretty much exactly what we needed! One of the stops on our cruise was Astoria, Oregon. This is where the movie The Goonies was filmed in part. We walked the whole town, 15,000+ steps according to Mr. Fitbit, and found a quilt shop.

It was a cute little shop, and I picked up a few pieces of cotton. Another neat pic from the walk…

Kinda panoramical. Astoria was pretty overcast, cold and rainy…not sure really WHY the ship stopped there. Like I said, the vacation was wonderful and we had a blast.

Now I start cleaning and preparing for Thanksgiving. We are hosting this year and there is much to do. I’m hoping to get some sewing in too. 

Hope all is well for everyone!



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