Don’t Judge Me

Well, it’s been a few days since the auction for the children’s home and I’m done pouting that my quilts didn’t bring in the BIG BUCKS I was hoping they would. For the seven quilts I took, $830 was the grand total. Not shabby at all, but not what I was hoping either. It does thrill me that the Minion quilt went to a young lady who LOVES it, so that is a happy. And the HST quilt was “won” by a nice young man who got it for his wife who couldn’t be there. So, I am happy that the quilts will bring joy.

Now, I will tell you a secret. My sewing room will be getting a face lift this winter; knock a wall out here, move a counter there…. So today I moved a square shelf unit in the cedar closet so I’d have a little more space NOW. Here’s how that looks.

I also went thru my books and moved them down a shelf. I love this new look. In reality I lost the top of the bottom shelf, but I like the “seems like it’s organized” look. It kind of is, but it still needs work. And one of my fave ways to store jelly rolls and charm packs is a 6′ CD shelf. It’s tall and thin, and perfect! (No pic of that today though, sorry.)

See the bolts on the left? I straightened them up and rearranged the red bins above them too.

It’s nice when half the closet is tidy.

What? Half. 


Here’s the other half.

I know.

Yes, I’ve got a bit more to do. This cedar closet “room” is oddly shaped so it’s difficult to find a place for the Christmas bin of fabric, the flannel and the weird fabrics my husband likes me to use to make him stuff with. Oh, not to mention the UFO’s…..

Yes, there is still much to do, but I’m not in a rush. 

I may need some more shelf units though…



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