An Even Dozen

I finished my blocks today. I’ve got a lovely little pile of them and I can hardly wait to complete this quilt!

Each block, except the first three I did, has the matching small HST in the upper left corner. It matches the large HST. Each block has two half square triangles that are the same, because that’s just how I had to do it. I tried to lay them out so they weren’t in the same place every time. I hope there won’t be “sames” touching when I get the top together.

Hoping to have that accomplished by this time next week.

So last week I received my Apple Core template from Missouri Star and I’ve been making myself wait to try it. Since I finished my blocks, I allowed myself to try it TODAY! 

I used leftover scraps from this quilt I’ve been working on, mostly because they were handy and I didn’t want to commit to a charm pack. (I mean, if it went horribly wrong, I didn’t want to have to make 42 of them!)

It didn’t go horribly wrong. It looked like it might, at first. Good golly, what weird lumpy seams, right!

Oh, and I pinned. And sewed very slow. And used my stiletto to make sure there was no funny business.

And lookit!


So I will be making more of these to make a little something. I’d like to order the large template, as I hear it’s much easier to deal with, but for now, I’m sticking with this one. I want to use up some scraps.

Looking forward to the weekend, finally. It’s nice to not be dreading the days….



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