Six Done, Half a Dozen To Go

These blocks are coming along nicely. I had to go get a couple other fabrics, to replace the white with gold ones….and I found four! 

New ones are: the large floral in the bottom row, the bigger dots (large triangle in the center), white with small multi-colored triangles (center HST on the right) and……

The center block on the left side.

They look pretty nice together. I’ve come up with a system that seems to work for me while I make each block individually. 

Whatever the large HST is in the center, I put the small one in the top left corner position. (Oops, I must have made the second block before I came up with the system.) Then each day individual  block has to have something duplicated because I only have 16 different options to choose from. (Each block needs 18 small HST.) So I put whatever has been used twice into a different area on my work space. Finally I take one from all the rest of the piles and try to lay them out differently each time.

It seems to work so far. I have not checked to make sure “sames” don’t end up by each other once I start putting all the blocks together. I am hoping this is not a mistake. I’m trying to work a little more freely here, so it’s fun and relaxing. And it is.

I’m hoping to have the top together by next weekend. We shall see.



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