Slowly Getting My Groove Back

It has been a slow process, getting it back! And it has been far too long since I’ve completed or started a project. So start one, I did. The auction for the children’s home is coming up in September so I wanted to make two quilts: a pretty one and possibly a Star Wars themed quilt. 

I’m starting with the pretty one!

My fabric choices….and I will be using the free Apricot Compote pattern by Riley Blake Designs. It’s a perfect fit for this fabric!

The small half square triangles are trimmed and ready to go! The large ones are in the background photo below.

What a pretty pile of trimmings, huh?

I love the soft colors in these fabrics, but I especially love the touch of black. I think it’s going to stand out beautifully. I actually still need to get two more fabrics as I took the gold dot and gold arrow with white background ones o-u-t. 

I really like them both, but my actual background is a creamy white and it just doesn’t work. There were other choices available so it’s just finding two I like. Believe it or not, there really isn’t anything in my stash that works. I know! It’s ridiculous to me too.

I’m planning to use this lovely pale pink with gold arrows for the back. The binding too, if there is enough. I don’t remember how much I bought. 

It’s so pretty all together.

So, I have just under two months to finish this project and another. And really, if I only get one done, that will be okay. That’s what’s good about coming up with my own plan, I can change it too.

Hope you have your own groove goin’ on.



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