Did You Miss Me?

In ways, I’ve missed me. We have been dealing with some unexpected changes the last six weeks, and I haven’t been sewing or blogging…. I just wasn’t feeling like myself. I still don’t but a friend suggested I share pictures from a recent trip, so I thought I would.

To celebrate our 33rd anniversary the husband and I went to our favorite “down-time” place, Shipshewana, Indiana. We enjoyed some quiet talks, good food and fabric shopping. (I actually haven’t unpacked the fabric yet, so I’ll share the next time I write.)

As usual I take pictures of things that make me smile or laugh….

I’d love to have one of these, but I don’t have a barn. I think it might look strange on the garage. Maybe someday. These are inside Yoder’s Department Store. They are actually featured in Quilt Sampler and I got to see the actual quilt from the magazine. One of the ladies told me about the women that designed and made it. Very cool.

These are the large quilt block signs outside at Yoder’s. I love them. And when I turned around, this was the view.

I love seeing the buggys. I especially love seeing them on the side of the road, clip clopping along on the shoulder. Peeking in to see the Amish families is one of my favorite things to do.

Here are a few pics of quilts hanging in the store.

I purchased the pattern for the little “girls in dresses” quilt. Even though they don’t have hair, I love it! 

As usual we visited The Blue Gate restaurant and the little bakery. Visiting the bakery is always fun!

Yes, the meringue is as big as your head! And if you’d like to try to bake or cook some delish goodies, there are a few cookbooks to choose from.

Something for EVERYONE, huh? 

I love these stamped items, but we didn’t bring any home, again. (Have I mentioned I’m purging? Yes, 17 bags of stuff recently went out the door!)

Yes, I love these things!

Sunday is a quiet day in Shipshewana so we slept W-A-Y in. We found a restaurant in Goshen to have breakfast, and it was delish! And pretty! I had chocolate crepes with strawberries, husband had a blueberry waffle!

This is why vacations only happen as infrequently as they do. After we ate we went to see a movie, Central Intelligence starring The Rock. It was very funny and we’d both recommend it. After a nice drive back towards Shipshewana we decided to order a pizza. It was either that or Subway. Yes, those are your options on a Sunday in Amish country.

Monday we stopped and filled up the cooler with CHEESE! We also got some Amish noodles and special honey. I love the bench outside at Yoder’s cheese shop.

Looks like he’s laughing, doesn’t it!

The Flea Market was going on and we had stuff to see! What a trip! The following pictures are just fun. Carry on.

If I had a garden, I’d plant this in it. So cute, huh?

And there were signs! Not just saying what was where, someone selling signs! It just cracked me up.

The husband liked this shirt. So much so that he bought it and has already worn it! I loved these “yard dice.” It was really hard not to buy them because we had just played Yahtzee the night before. I’d love to play with big, huge dice like these! The ones with the pink dots, thank you very much.

And since it was the Fourth of July, I took a picture of some red, white and blue signs.

These were really cute, but like I said, I’m purging.

I thought this was kind of funny….when we were at the Blue Gate I saw these wooden pens. Now I can never find stuff with my name on it, but the husband, well, his is usually pretty easy to find….

But not this time. Ricardo, Richard (which is fine but no one calls him that) and Ricky. He did not laugh when I suggested the “Ricky” pen. Oh well.

Finally, a picture of a purse that I did not buy. I thought the weaved, twist thing was kind of cool. I don’t know if I’ll remember to try it someday, but at least I don’t have to purge the purse!

I almost forgot!

Here are some pics of the Amish. I know we aren’t supposed to take pictures of them, but look, you can’t even see their faces.

It is surely a different way to get around.

While we were driving from one place to another, we so enjoyed seeing the baby horses! They are so beautiful and sweet! We also got to see grown horses lie down and roll over and wiggle around on the ground. Our dogs used to do that, so seeing huge horses do the same thing was so funny.

It was hard to get a picture of them, but I tried! And failed. None are good enough to share. Sorry. Go there yourself and see!

Here is one last pic of a pretty quilt. I think this was at one of the other shops we went to.

I love the hand quilting, but I hate the pencil marks. Still lovely though.

And now, a final pic for my friend who has missed me! Enjoy!

Signs, signs, everywhere!



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