My “Kimberly Sac”

My pattern arrived the other day, so I’ve been thinking about which fabrics to use for my bag. I love my picks!

I’ve had this layer cake for a L-O-N-G time! I love it so I figured the colors would be awesome for summer and a bit into fall. The Kona cotton I’ve had for a while too. I wanted to use something that wouldn’t show a lot of “dirt.” My purses end up getting dirty over time. This is washable, so that’s just another plus! 

Here is a link to the video. (At least I think it is…..)

The pieces are not hard to cut, especially using layer cakes to start. I chose eight and cut everything out.

I actually cut out three sets of the “tabs” because I had something different in mind for the front closure. 

The first thing I did was make the strap. It’s pretty long and skinny, but I didn’t want to change things up too much.

I hardly ever use these clips, but when I do, they keep things in place just a little better than pins. Pins make things shift sometimes. Did not want to deal with that. I think I stitched 1/8″ from the edges and then a center line just for “show.”

Next I stitched the bottom part of the bag. It’s just simple zigzag lines, which aren’t very straight, which you will observe later on. I also sewed the little extra pieces together for the inner pocket. I used the fusible fleece throughout this project.

It was challenging trying to keep the back and front part of the bag straight. As it says in the pattern and in the video, the top part of the back of the bag is what shows on the front (because it flops over). One would think one could keep track of such information. One couldn’t, so one has two “same” fabrics right by each other. Oh well, at least it’s one I like.

This is pretty much the last “pre-construction” pic I took. Once I got going, I just wanted to get it done. And did I mention the confusion about the front and the back? Yeah, it finally took clipping the “F” alphabitty to the front section and the “B” to the back. Oy.

So here are various shots of my completed bag/sac. I really like it a lot and can hardly wait to transfer my stuff to it.

See the different thing I did there? I just did not like the idea of sewing a button on and then the little circle to cover the loop. It’s not perfect, but I think it’ll be good for me.

Next I share the imperfect bottom of the bag. I thought I was sewing mostly straight, but apparently I was not. Still, it doesn’t bother me. Not too much anyway.

The following two pictures are the total back and front of the bag. When it’s not folded over to close, it’s a pretty long bag!

I quilted this bag with that swirly twirl that I like lately. Again, not perfect, but it looks pretty nice with these fabrics.

Finally, the tabs. These were a bit challenging for me because of the weird shape. The directions recommend stitching them so the opening is shut, then stitching them on at the very end. Right through the lining also. I did this and I can see the reason for it. It was just tricky. I used my zipper foot and by the time I got the last one on, it was a little easier.

Here’s a shot of the “sames” right by each other.

I love the fabric so it doesn’t bother me.

I used a piece of the strap to hold the hardware for the front closure. And all of my tab thingys are different. That whole less is more thing, nah. More is more.

It took me much longer to make this bag than I thought it would. And I would make another one. 

But not any time soon.

Have a great weekend, friends!



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