“I Heart You”

A simple quilt with a simple story.

Some time ago the niece decided she “loved Paris!”  

She’s never been there. Yet, something about it draws her. 

When I realized the Kiss, Kiss line of fabric by Moda has Eiffel Towers on it, AND included her new fave color – aqua or turquoise (or whatever it is), I knew I had to make her something special!

The Floating Squares quilt by Missouri Star Quilt Company would work nicely. Except for little squares and charm squares, it is mostly background fabric. The layout is simple and  easy. 

This was a lot of fun to make, but even funner to quilt. I was excited to do the swirly twirls for my niece. 

The fabric I used for the backing was a Valentine’s Day print that I picked up months ago. I wish I had gotten more. 

It is so bright and cheerful, I just love it. Probably more than the front! 

The husband chose the name for this quilt, advising me to “appliqué” (yes, he knows this word) a heart on the label. It was a super cute idea, so I did!

I love the red one! It is just darling, isn’t it!

The lips crack me up!

Give this pattern a try, it’s a quick project and pretty versatile.



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