It’s not a race….

Once I get in the sewing room and pick a project, and no one is needing me for anything, I just want to sew like crazy! 

Part of that comes from wanting to see the end result AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!  The other part comes from the fear that someone might decide they need me for something. 

Uninterrupted sewing days are hard to come by. If I can get an hour in every day, I think that’d be swell. But that doesn’t happen, so I cram as much as I can into whatever time I’ve got.

Today I started a little lap quilt, using this awesome dotty aqua color as the background. I love it with the pink, white and red. Oh, and black! Love black in quilts! It’s a pattern I’ve done once before, and I actually still have that UFO hanging in the closet….. I’ll get to it!

I’ve got the rows sewn together in pairs so far, just a little bit more to go. Hoping to have this done in the next week or so.

Have a great weekend, people!



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