Zipper Bags = Cute Fun

On Friday, after finishing the Birch quilt, I decided to watch the MSQC tutorial on Zipper Pouches. (And since “pouch” is one of my least favorite words, I will not use it again. I will substitute bag.) I sewed along with Jenny, making my first zipper bag ever! Here it is.

The daughter claimed it right away. And I have the stripes different than the example in the tutorial, but it’s cute anyway. I do feel like there is too much zipper stuff showing, so I adjusted with the actual “zipper foot” and moved the needle over five presses of the button. The second one turned out a little more polished.

Then yesterday I thought I’d see how quickly I could make one. Each of these were done individually, no assembly line here, people!

They aren’t perfect, but they’re pretty cute. About 6-7.5″ or so. I really lean towards pink, so today I tried to make a couple that were different colors. There’s a pretty good mix for now. I do plan on doing a purple one next time I sew.

I love this fabric, with the cute little bird and swirly swirls. Weird zipper color, but it works here. How about that?

Ah, the donut fabric! Will it ever be gone? I’ve had this fabric for over 5 years and I can never seem to use it up. As soon as I do I’ll probably need it for something. Love the houndstooth with it.

I love this cherry fabric! I may have used it for a back on something so long ago that I don’t recall. The white with the funny shapes has been in my stash for the longest time and just never “went” with anything. Until last Friday!

I chose to stitch the wavy lines on the dark blue as a straight line may not have been very straight for me today. Love this lighthouse fabric. It’s another one I’ve used for backings on more than one quilt.

This was actually the last one I made today. I see I forgot to do the top stitch on the green. Oops. Good thing I stopped for the day.

Love this one! I love the cheater fabric and I love the fox, goose and bunny. I put the ruler down so you can see the approximate size of the bag.

Finally, the last pic, I think. I didn’t notice until later that the hearts in the squares are sideways. Oh well. It’s still stinking adorable.

I would recommend giving this project a try. Once I really got going, I could finish one in about 35 minutes, but it’s not a race. I really enjoyed choosing the fabrics. I enjoyed deciding which zipper was best (I ordered a pack of 16 zippers from Amazon for my Christmas stocking, and finally got around to doing this!) for each bag. I enjoyed choosing a fabric for the inside, which is ironed to the fusible fleece. Yes, it’s cute on the inside too!

You may be wondering what I might DO with all these little bags? 

Yeah, me too. For now I’m just enjoying the process. If nothing else, I’ll have some small gifts for friends this year.

And I hope to add a few extras here and there. Maybe a little ribbon on the zipper pull. Maybe a bit of appliqué. (Yeah, right!) There are lots of possibilities.

Make a bag, lady.



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