Housewarming Gift Delivered

I knew the party was coming. I knew about it WEEKS ago. I knew I wanted to make a little something for this sweet couple.

Did I work on it over time, a little bit here and a little bit there?

Of course not.

I had made some of these Birch blocks back in January or February, with no real plan for them. I had all of them but the dark purple ones completed, so I made those on Thursday. Then I put the blocks together. Then I chose a backing and basted it. Then I quilted it and trimmed the extra batting and backing off.

Then I couldn’t move. 

I added the binding and label on Friday, finishing this up in record time.

Usually I quilt the Organic lines horizontally across quilts, but since this one has most of the design in a more vertical way, I did them like that. Some of my starts and stops are a little jiggity, but I’m hoping no one will notice. The quilt finished at 54″ X 54.5″. I don’t know where that extra half inch came from.

I started out with ten inch squares and trimmed them down to 9.5″ because that’s the ruler I have. It was pretty handy dandy, believe me. “I don’t usually trim down blocks, but when I do, it’s usually to the size of the ruler I have.” 


The backing and binding fabric is a beautiful batik. It’s got purple in it, which my friend LOVES so it was a perfect choice. I named the quilt Birch, being rather unoriginal and boring. It was all I could do to find the bible verse reference I wanted for the label, so a simple name worked out well. I machine stitched the binding down with a wavy stitch.

I really love the back. I love the lines, they’re so wavy and organical.



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