“Forged in Fabric”

Okay, the husband found a show called “Forged in Fire” recently. It’s all about knife-making. 

I didn’t really know that was a thing. It’s quite obvious that it definitely takes skill, patience and talent. Kind of like quilting, yes?

Anyway, while we enjoy the show (and we do enjoy the show), there is quite a bit of commentary from the judges on the show. And there is an awful lot of chatter from the contestants. Some of that chatter is rather potty-mouth.

So I mentioned to the husband that quilters don’t really have a contest where we compare knife sharpness. We don’t stab the rotary cutters into tires, metal tubs or try to chop coconuts. After doing these things, the judge says, “it’ll cut.”

Duh. Knife!

Then I also mentioned to the husband that when I mess something up while quilting, I don’t explode into a volcano of profanity. Some quilters might, but I don’t. 

I get that’s it’s different working with extremely hot fire (again, duh), metal and a hammer but the creativity is the same.

Listening to these swordsmiths talk about creating something from a lump of steel makes me think of quilters, creating something from a pile of cotton. It’s the same only different.

Taking something cold, hard and heavy and forcing beauty and usefulness into it….definitely a skill to be admired.

On one of the shows a man was struggling with tendonitis. This happens to quilters all the time. Pushing through the pain to finish a project, yeah, how many times have you done that?

So it just struck me as funny that two very different crafts have so much in common. 

This show is on the History channel, so I’m even scoring wife points while we watch!




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