Baby Quilt Delivery

I finally got to gift the two baby quilts that I made last November! My friend and I met for lunch today and I gave her the Gramma quilt and the one for the sweetheart baby! She loved them and I just was thrilled with her reaction! Baby quilts are probably my favorite thing to make; they’re small, they’re sweet and they’re just fun to give away!

So, without further adieu, here they are.

The first one, Up Up & Away is for the baby. It’s got cute fabrics with owls and hot air balloons. I used the Moda Love pattern with a charm pack.

I quilted Cursive L’s, a favorite of mine for fast and easy quilting.

I really enjoyed making this quilt, the pattern is simple and goes together really well. Probably white thread would have been nice, but the backing is mostly white, so I chose pink. Pink IS my favorite, ya know.

I used the Baby News in pink for the backing. It is especially cute, in my opinion. 

For my friend, Donna, I used this adorable fabric with Little Red Riding Hood on it. I named the quilt One Lovely Day. 


Okay, so it wasn’t the most original name ever. It was rather perfect though. I used the Tea Cup pattern from Missouri Star Quilt Company. It’s easy to make in an afternoon or two.

Friends, this is probably my favorite gramma quilt, so far. I love the fabrics! They are bright and cheery and just so fun!

Yeah, I’ve got a few pictures of this quilt. I did the swirly twirls in pink thread, again, because I like it.

Now, there are mushrooms on this quilt. If there had been a way to avoid them, believe me, I would have. Luckily they’re pretty cute, so they stayed.

I even used the mushroom yardage for the binding. 

Yes, I loved this quilt. And I love the friend who now has it. Her grandchild is absolutely gorgeous, just like her mama and her gramma, and even her aunt. I’m thrilled for this chapter of their life.

Babies are such a blessing.




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