A Tea Cozy Tutorial

Alright, I have made three of these Tea Cozys now so a tutorial is in order. Mind you, this cozy is made for a very specific tea  tumbler. For Christmas the husband bought me loose tea. He discovered that he liked it too and needed a way to take it to work, and keep it hot. We purchased one of these Tea Tumblers from The Tea Spot and then I, at his request, made him a cozy. Here is the link for the tumbler and you can check out the teas too :http://theteaspot.com/urban-glass-tea-tumbler.html?catid=153

And here is what I made today.

It’s actually pretty easy to make. Now that I’ve done three, and “perfected” how I do it, I need to make a new one for the husband. That first one is kinda lame.

So to start, I chose a cotton fabric for the outside, and a matching flannel for the inside/lining, plus a piece of batting. All are cut 11″ x 15″. If the fabric is directional, the 15″ is the top to bottom measurement. For this one it didn’t matter.

I layered the top piece on the batting and quilted it with the organic lines. These can be done either horizontally or like I did, vertically.

I suppose one can get very fancy and do swirls and stuff, but these lines were fast and easy. Here is what the backside will look like.

It’s okay to quilt like this, without backing. Since there is a lining piece, it won’t show. I trim off about an inch, after quilting, just in case it gets bunchy or crooked on me. So the new size is 10″ X 15″. Trim an inch off the lining too.

Next, while the piece is still flat, the Velcro is added. I used about 2-2 1/2 inches of the “grabby” part, and about 5″ of the “fuzzy” part.

Refer to the photo while I explain this, please. The “grabby” piece of Velcro is placed about 3 inches from the top of the quilted unit. It’s hard to see, but it is 3/8″ from the side edge of the quilted unit (bottom right corner of photo). This will be the seam allowance for this piece. The “fuzzy” piece of Velcro will be placed “fuzzy” side down on the opposite end of the “grabby” piece. Tuck it under a quarter inch or so. 

This will be the closure when the tumbler is in the cozy.

I use a zig zag stitch around the “grabby” Velcro edges, and then I stitch an X through it too. I make certain that the “fuzzy” end is caught and secured under the one end. See it in the pic below?

The next step is to sew the bottom and sides on each piece. This is the first time doing anything to the lining piece. I used a pretty blue flannel this time.

Always remember to leave an opening for turning, backstitching so you don’t have to say bad words because you forgot. 😬

At this point, the shape of the cozy happens. At the bottom of each piece (inside lining and quilted outside), fold the seams (which ARE only on one long side) together and try to open them. Even them up the best you can and stitch across about an inch away from the point.

That might be a touch more than an inch…. Either way, this needs to be done on both sides. The little extra bits will need to be trimmed off.

The next step is to turn the quilted unit right side out. This can be tricky if one hasn’t got the arms of a five year old. I used an old kaleidoscope toy of my daughter’s to push the corners out.

Then the quilted unit gets put into the lining, matching up the seams. I usually pin this all the way around so I can spread out any weirdo areas. Then sew 1/4″ all the way around.

Finally, the moment of truth! Turn it right side out, through the space left open in the lining. I stitch the hole closed with a tiny 1/8″ seam. It helps to press it flat first. I also press the top of the cozy and then stitch around the top. At this point it is pretty much done.

I do take the tray off my machine, mostly just to get it out of my way.

The Velcro will wrap around the cozy while the tumbler is inside, and keep all the warmth in, where it belongs. I like to trim the end of the “fuzzy” Velcro to a cute point, which is a little hard to see here because it’s so very light.

It’s a perfect fit!

This pattern can probably be adjusted for any type of beverage container. And to be honest, it took less than an hour to make this. 

Hopefully the person I made it for will like it!



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