A Baby Quilt for the Husband’s Cousin’s Daughter’s Baby

Wha-a-a-a-t? It’d be easier to say it’s for a friend, but since it’s family, well, it’s FAMILY. 
So HAPPY NATIONAL QUILTING DAY! I believe this is the first time ever that I have actually gotten to quilt on this holiday. EVER. We are usually celebrating birthdays on the third weekend in March, but this year, we are celebrating at another time.

My weekend started out having to decide which mini roll to use for the Jelly Roll Jam pattern, which I have made several times before. It’s free from Fat Quarter Shop and there is a great tutorial too. With input from my sister, I chose the Fine & Dandy set on the right.

We decided we loved the little turtles the best. I also adore the striped strips! My sister thought the honeycomb prints didn’t really “go”….I told her they’d be fine, but seriously, there are no bees on these prints. 

First thing is to put the 18 strips into groups of six. Done✅ 

Then sew them together, then cut. Done✅

Then sew again. Done✅

These adorable blocks will be laid out 3 x 3 with a few turned sideways. It’s a very simple process and these went together easy as pie!

I got the binding ready to go…

And chose an adorable backing fabric…

And cut the batting to size….

THERE!  I used a spray adhesive instead of pinning today. Since the quilt is relatively small, 35″ square, this was SO. MUCH. EASIER. Sometimes easy is good and not lazy.

See the little turtles? Soooooo cute! 

I really wasn’t sure how to quilt this one. I don’t know the parents-to-be, so I don’t know if they’re into frilly girly stuff for their future daughter or not. In my opinion that leaves swirly twirly loops and stuff o-u-t. I decided to go with the organic lines, on or near every seam.

So after I did them all in one direction, I decided to make the grid, making them in the other direction too.

I really like it a lot. I like the unusually shaped “boxes” a lotta lot.

I got the binding on without any mishaps, while my daughter told me about her day. This houndstooth fabric worked perfectly with the top and the “newsprint” on the back. I haven’t used it in actual blocks ever, as it is lighter pink in some areas on the yardage, and I just don’t like that.

I think it’s a really fun choice for this quilt. But the back, oh, I love the back.

So. Stinking. Funny.

What’s a baby quilt post without a weird sideways picture!? Sorry about that, I don’t know how I managed that one!

After finishing this quilt✅, except for the label, I decided I wasn’t done yet. So I made a couple small blocks, just because I wanted to.

It’s my party and I can sew if I want to!

Love the churn dash block, not crazy about the kettle this time. I think it’s the background fabric that’s bothering me. But that’s okay, tomorrow is another day.

How are YOU celebrating this quilting holiday?



One thought on “A Baby Quilt for the Husband’s Cousin’s Daughter’s Baby

  1. Super cute Lynette! I love the back ground too. You could make the kettle into a cute little purse for a different block design. Great work as always. Love reading your blog 🙂


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