Fox on the Run

What an eventful day we had, on the daughter’s birthday! When I headed to the sewing room to make a label for her quilt, I discovered we had a leak, and the basement carpet was SOAKED…and it had to be dealt with ASAP. So we did what we could, and this is the label I went with!

I know. It’s so lame, isn’t it? But it’s okay because I don’t think she even looked at the back.

For the most part, I’m pretty happy with how this quilt turned out. I started it just over a year ago, thinking I’d have to make 80 blocks. So I made 80 blocks.

After doing some figuring, I decided since the daughter isn’t tall, she doesn’t need such a large quilt. She’s got three that fit her bed already, so another lap/throw quilt became the plan. 


She was pretty happy with it too. Remember the fox pillow she made last year? There it is up on the right! 

I don’t believe there are any duplicate prints on the front (for the faces). I used Kona cottons in lots of colors for the backgrounds. 

I love some of the fabrics, and I especially get a kick out of this fox face.

The daughter appreciates it also! 

It was fun matching the fox fabrics to the backgrounds, or not….and making it all work together. 

I used scraps of binding this time, some matching the foxes, some not so much. Here is something that just happened and I couldn’t have planned it better!

How about that! Yeah, if I had planned that, it wouldn’t have happened.

I used a textured cotton for the back. It was about 50″ wide, but since the quilt was 54″ wide, it’d have to be seamed. I figured I’d use some leftover blocks (because remember I made 80 and only used 64, I think) since I’d have a seam anyway.

Pretty cute, huh?

So, in my infinite wisdom, I added a light strip at the top and bottom of the fox strip for the back, because it needed to be longer than the top, because that’s just how it works! But, did I pay any attention at all to where the top fox on the back would line up with the quilt top?


So one of my cute foxes on the back is missing part of his nose. (Sniff)

Yes, my fun Potato-head parts fox. I was so not happy when I realized this, but I had already lopped it off so there was nothing to be done!

Talk about your “duh” moments. I was just trying to get the thing done in time for her birthday, without her poking her nose into the sewing room. 

That mission was accomplished.

Here is a better picture of the backing fabric; texture, imperfect quilting and all!

 I love this fabric. I’ve still got a bunch left, so I will use it again!
Finally, the scrappy binding….

There are a few others too, but you get the idea!

The girl is happy with her quilt, and I’m happy for that. 

The MIL has gone home and the sewing room is back to normal. I’ve got several projects going, but no real time limits, so I am a happy camper.

Have a good week, people!



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