End of the Line

With one day left till the MIL goes home, we have finished all that she set out to do, and then some!

Her final project….

Sorry about the darkness of the pic, not so sunny here today. Anyhoo, she had purchased four block kits from Joann Fabrics and got them together with no help from me! I was glad about this, believe me. 

Now, have never worked with these types of kits before so I have no personal experience but I have a couple of opinions after watching her struggle with them. I did quilt and bind this quilt for her, so I have thoughts on that too.

  • The fabrics are very low quality, in my opinion. The feel is gauzy and thin. I was not impressed.
  • The pieces, which I would assume are dye cut, were inconsistent. In order to complete the block as instructed, we had to return to the store to try to find yardage and fat quarters. Kind of discouraging, IMO.
  • While quilting the fabric was very “clingy” to my machine and table. Very annoying.

But it is lovely and just right for her room. I love the quilting on it, even though it was a bit of a struggle.

One casualty this week….

And finally, another gramma quilt for a friend. 

This was quilted while my machine tension was acting up. Not perfect, but finished.

And now, we have the afternoon left for sewing…. 

Maybe we can fit just one more thing in!



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