Pot Holders instead!

After sewing diligently to make nine perfect little 6.5″ blocks for a sweet wall hanging for our kitchens….MIL and I decided to make pot holders. Working with some very tiny pieces and trying to make everything “just so” was a tad more challenging when it came time to put everything together with sashing. The blocks weren’t all “perfect little 6.5″ blocks.”

These are the MIL’s, mine aren’t finished yet. Don’t they look great?

After I finished getting the binding on these, I quilted another table topper. It’s one of the Great Granny Square Blocks that we made a couple weeks ago. I was super pleased with my quilting on this one, and so was MIL. Since its hers, that’s a good thing indeed.

She used a light gray for the background, which really lends itself well to the muted shades in the charm pack she used. It was really funny that this charm was a gift she received (from me) a year or two ago, and that I had yardage to match in my stash! Who knew!

I used a light gray thread for the quilting, in the bobbin too. I don’t know what to call the quilting except for loose swirls. She was happy with it too.

And a nice stripe for the binding. 

While I was working on this, and a few other things, MIL was working on this….

The rows are going together nicely for her, which is a huge relief for me.

She is planning to make two of these, so maybe one will end up at my house one day! Ya never know! It could happen!

We went to see my gramma the other day. She turned 96 recently. My aunt had sent her some pretty flowers, which are so nice to see in the winter time. I also made her a Great Granny Square which I forgot to take a picture of….

But here are the flowers…

Nice, huh?

Just a couple more things to do before MIL heads home next week. I’ll keep ya posted!



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