Did you know……

March 1st was national PIG day? It’s true! I don’t exactly know what it means, or how the pigs celebrate, but I think it’s pretty coolio. I hope you enjoyed your day! 

Oink oink!

Anyway, today I made a few more of the blocks from this book…

Like I said recently, we were thinking to make a wall hanging for our kitchens. The MIL and I, remember she is visiting? Anyhoo, today we did the pig, in honor of National Pig Day…. Here’s mine.

I LOVE THE STRIPES! I think they’re just fun and cute! 

Then we decided to work on the Milk Can block. It was fun too, but I’ll be honest. There are 3/4″ square pieces that need to be sewn on. See if you can figure out where they are exactly.

Yes, I put the little doggie in the center. Missing puppies these days…..

Next we made the Bee block. Instead of a solid background I went with this text fabric I’ve had for a couple years. I used it first for my baby nephews first quilt, before we knew he was a boy. I love it.

See the bee’s head? Those are more 3/4″ squares in the corners. You know the deal, draw a diagonal line, sew on it then trim. Not so easy with teensy tiny pieces. But doable!

One of the other days we got to sew, we made the Cherry blocks. 

My favorite part of this block? The leaves. I don’t know why, because green is not a fave color. But I do love them.

Tomorrow we may be able to finish our last few blocks. 

I’m not sure how well my backgrounds all work together so I might not do the wall hanging thing after all. But don’t hold me to that.

I just may change my mind again.



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