Cheery Fun 

Remember a while ago when I talked about the MIL and I making the same quilt, using different styles of fabrics? And I was going to share a pic of hers….and forgot?

Well, yesterday that quilt was completed.

I helped her quilt it with organic lines about two inches apart. She chose these cheery 30’s reproduction fabrics and made this lap quilt for a friend in a wheelchair. It turned out to be pretty cute.

I found this yellow piece for the back, and now just have about half a yard left. And that’s okay with me. I’ve had it for many, many years and am just about done looking at it. 

I found this binding (it’s even bias) already made, so we used it too.

I’m not sure where she found this pattern. One of my old magazines, I guess. Funny how one person sees the possibilities when another just doesn’t until the work begins.

So many cute little pictures on all the fabrics. And the geometries and dots just add to the fun.

It was a fun project. I haven’t decided on a border for mine yet, so it’s indefinitely on hold….. Isn’t that the way of things, friends? 

I have no less than 15 unfinished quilt tops, large and small, hanging in my sewing room closet. Most have been there for over a year, about three for more than five years.

It is what it is. 

I’ll get to them sometime.



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