Everything Old is New (to me)

After fiddling around with some modern-ish projects lately, I noticed I was in the mood for something different. Something new to me, something reminiscent of “old fashioned quilts.”

I have found my new favorite block.

It’s so pretty! I thoroughly enjoyed making this block. It’s not a speedy process, and there’s some serious directional pressing involved, but I loved it! 

I am using Lori Holt’s pattern book and her instructions, for the most part. After reading how many 2.5″ squares are needed, I thought I could cut up a jelly roll and get most of them. Especially when there will be lots and lots left over.

So that’s what I did. I cut all of the strips into the squares I need AND then I cut the background fabric, a strange color of Kona cotton I picked up last week. 

I wanted an excuse to use my crafty batting board thingys so I stacked the squares on them, like so…

Ah, how organized I appear to be! Yesterday I made the first block I showed you, today I made three others.

Can you see what I’m doing there? I have 16 or 17 of each fabric, so if I use 12 for the outer set, I have 4-5 left. If I use 8 for the next set in, I don’t have enough for the outer spot. So I’m trying to utilize my favorites so they really look awesome. The block above has the beautiful red fabric in use four times, mostly so I can use it either several more times or in the outer position once. 

I love that fabric. 

I’m enjoying the slowness of this sewing right now. Making one block at a time, no assembly line here! 

Sometime over this past week was my first bloggiversary. I think. The blog has changed since day one. I still enjoy writing, and sewing, and writing about sewing. But when I first started, I shared pics of quilts that I made long ago, and I still may do that from time to time. 

Now I’m trying to share a plethora of pictures, with either helps for you, or beauty for us all. Everything is a learning process and I’m enjoying the ride.

Thanks for joining me!



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