I had a wee bit of time to sew today, and this design has been on my mind since I saw it on Pinterest, so I wanted to give it a try.

Looks pretty flat, huh? These were the first ones I made. I did not have a pattern, so I cut 10″ squares, just guessing it’d work. It was fine, but it think two lines of pieced strips is enough. Three would be too many. Anyway, after finishing these I wanted to try it with another color of background.

Lovin’ the brown! 

I did decide though, that the strips need smaller pieces.  I made two separate strip sets. The first was the long one, with wider strips. The second, skinnier strip set was a little more involved. Both work, it just depends on what look we’re going for here.

Both of these were about ten inches wide before I started cutting strips off. I also decided that ten inches is too long, so the next ones I make will be about six inches wide. I’ve got a small pile ready to sew for tomorrow.

One would think it’d be easy to “just use scraps,” but I’m finding it annoying, like I do with anything I have to trim and press before using it. 


But I will continue on, because I really want to see how this looks. Hoping to work on it some more tomorrow. It’s been rather chilly, so making quilts is just what the doctor ordered.

Hope all is well with you and yours.



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