Last Finish of 2015

Yes, I know I’m really late posting this, but we’ve had a busy couple of weeks! I can’t tell you for anything WHAT we’ve been doing, but we’ve been doing something because I’ve hardly been sewing this year. So far.

Here is the Sunny Skies quilt my MIL and I made together, finished on December 31, 2015 at about 6 pm.


Ta da! We used the pattern by MSQC, watching the tutorial more than once to get things right. 

Sandy (MIL) chose different colors, making this Sewing Box by Moda themed quilt her own. She wanted to bring out the blue in the 16 patch blocks. When it was time to choose a border, she loved the teal with the dots. The backing has a soft gray flannel that lends itself well to keeping her toasty in 5 degree temps these days.

We used a jelly roll, but not a whole one. She chose seven strips for a fun scrappy binding, and I just ❤️LOVE❤️ it! Yeah, some of those quilt stitches are pretty long, I know. Anyway, she’s even got a few strips leftover from the JR, so that’s pretty darn awesome!

See the star? In the first photo, I think the eye is drawn to the diamonds surrounding the 16 patches. But if you look again, there are stars too! Pretty neat how that happens.

Back to diamonds. 

We had a fun time working on this together. I really believe everyone needs a flannel backed quilt, especially when temps hit -8 when the sun goes down. Brrrrr!

Another thing I meant to do this year, before doing anything else, was to choose my “word” for the year and make a little quilt to put up and encourage me. I think I’ll give myself until the end of the month to do it. Then I can think of a really good word…..

We’ve done a little bit of sewing; MIL always has something she wants to do for someone. She found a pattern in an old magazine that I had and we each started our own quilt. Hers in 1930’s reproductions, mine in retro floral and chocolate themed fabrics. They’re very different. Yet the same. Here’s a pic of the beginnings of mine, I’ll take pics of hers next time I go downstairs….

I do have the top put together, but no picture yet. I’m still deciding on a border. And see the red strip in the middle of the blocks? And the sashing strip between the rows?  

So cute, but OH MY GOSH! Trying to line things up just so reminded me that I hate sashing. I knew I did, but I forgot.

Anyway, it worked out, I actually had to pin. 

Who knew?

Keep warm, people! 

Till next time….



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