It’s been my birthday, all day long

 Oh my, what a nice day! Full of some very most favorite things! The day began with French toast, made by the husband especially at my request. He does this for me every year, and sometimes he really jazzes it up! This year it was more normal, but delish just the same!

Lunchtime was rather uneventful, but shortly after he gave me a beautiful set of new tea.


In the last couple of years I’ve discovered White Tea. Oh. My. Goodness. The champagne of teas, I’m serious. Give it a try if you love tea.

My friend Sally came over for tea and biscotti. She gave me a cute sock owl that she made. I love it. 


It’s a fun pink sock owl, so cute!

This evening we went out for dinner, to our favorite sushi restaurant. Now, the thing is, I won’t eat raw things. No way, Jose. But the stuff we do eat, is fabulous and beautiful.


And it’s probably healthy for us.

Then came presents. Okay, with my birthday being two days before Christmas, one might think it’s not very fun or exciting for me.

One would be so wrong.

I love my birthday being when it is. It’s a build up of fun, and it starts on my birthday! It’s always been very separate from Christmas, because I have the best Ma & Dad ever and the most wonderful husband. My sweet nephew was born on Christmas Eve two years ago, and I know his mommy and daddy will do the same for him.

So, back to the presents. Remember the quilt I made my sister!? The beautiful JRR with the gorgeous Mistletoe Lane line… Well, the man gave me A FAT QUARTER SET!!!!  Oh my goodness!

Yeah, it’s hard to see, but there it is! I can hardly believe it! He also got the new first C❤️R❤️U❤️S❤️H layer cake by Sweetwater!

And something I had never seen before, called Melborne. It’ll be fun to figure out a project for that jelly roll!

The MIL also scored points, giving me an awesome necklace!

I know! It’s a needle! So. Much. Fun.

Last fabric….

I love this! Husband picked it out himself! Because it has pink on it! Booya, he’s so awesome! What fun will be had, once I start sewing again! (I’ve been busy with other stuff, so I hope to get back to it sooooooon.)

Finally, my daughter gave me a couple of charms for my bracelet. These were specially ordered for me. I. Love. Them.

Left to right, Zack & Isabella. Both have been gone for over a year, but we miss them every day. Puppies of my heart.

Big score for you, daughter dear.

She also did a craft thing for me, which I will find a special place for. The girl hates crafts, so this gift special to me too!

What? Flat belly sachets?!

Didn’t realize that was in the front. More tea from the husband.

Maybe we’ll share that one….



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