Quick & Easy Christmas Gift Bags

While wrapping gifts the other day, I realized I had no boxes and no bags for clothing items. Everything was too big or too small. We do reuse the gifts bags, year after year, but eventually they do start falling apart. Several years ago I made some gift bags out of Christmas fabric I had gotten ON SALE! They haven’t fallen apart yet! 

So I thought I’d do a little tutorial for these very simple bags. If you want something fast and super easy, this is the tutorial for you. Nothing fancy here, just basic sewing!

The first thing to do is choose two coordinating fabrics. I usually choose something less busy for the inside of the bag, so when/if it shows, it goes with the outer fabric. Of course, this time both are kinda busy, but I like them! Decide how large your bag should be. Rectangular bags are usually easier to use for most gifts. 

I cut them to the same size, usually with a fold on one side of the “bag.” This way I only have one seam to deal with. Since I used two directional fabrics for this bag, it made cutting the pieces something I had to pay attention to more. Normally non-directionals are just easier to deal with. These pieces were approximately 24″ wide by 27″ long. 

Next fold the fabric in half, right sides together. (This will be a long bag, and remember the measurements were approximate.) 


The pink fabric is my outer fabric. I sewed a 1/4″ seam down the long side, and across the bottom. All the way across the bottom. (Remember the pink fabric is directional.)

For the inner fabric, I sewed the seams just a tad bigger, 3/8″ or so. Since this will be the inside of the bag, it’s good if it is a little smaller. Backstitch a bit about 4-5″ from the end/fold. This way it won’t get trashed when you turn the bag.

You can clip the corners or not. 

Turn the outer bag (the pink, in this case) right side out. Put the outer bag inside the inner bag. It’s good to line up the seams at this point, and fiddle with the corners a bit just so things are in place. Once it’s in there and evened up, sew the top of the bag together.

I usually start at the seam and adjust as I go, in case it wiggles on me.

Once the top of the bag is sewn, it will need to be turned right side out. Slowly start pulling the bag through the hole in the lining.

It’s better to do this carefully so nothing tears.

So now it looks like a weird, long tube. Of course it only has the little hole at one end. That will need to be sewn shut.

I usually just finger press it, but you can use one of these little wooden doo-das. I stitch super close to the edge on this part. Just in case someone wants to turn the bag inside out.



Okay, we’re near the end, people!

Now the lining/inside fabric needs to be pushed into the bag. I’ve found the easiest way is to hold the bag on the left (where my hand isn’t right now, so I could take the picture) and kind of creepy crawl my right hand into the bag, pushing the corners into place at the bottom.

It’ll look like this before pressing. Fingernails come in handy during pressing, but aren’t completely necessary. 

This is after pressing. I usually stitch around the top about 1/4″ or less from the seam.

And that is it! These are so easy peasy! 

The last two days my MIL and I made a small pile of them. They can be made in any size, but the smaller you go, the more challenging it is to sew…. Be aware.

A couple faves:

And bags in use…

Merry Christmas to all!



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