So last week I made my sister a quilt. 



Because why?

Because she is so wonderful, I just couldn’t contain myself and I HAD to make her this quilt. 

It wasn’t her birthday, or any occasion in particular. And I didn’t even “present” it to her with a parade and bunch of fanfare. I left it in her closet in a brown bag for her to just find. 

She found it Sunday morning, before church, before she had to go to work. Hee hee hee.

The fabric has adorable little ice skates on it. These are special because her girls are Olympic champions. (Not really, but it sounds good.) Seriously, they have been skating for about five years and are so wonderfully talented. Besides that my sister, Ginny, supports them in this, she actually BUILT AN ICE RINK on their patio so they could practice at home! 

No one deserves a quilt more.

I used a cozy floral flannel for the backing; one day last year Gin said she’d like a flannel backed quilt too. I had made one for each person in my house and my mom. Since we get rather chilly in the winter, Ginny definitely needed one too. I used the wavy line stitch for the quilting, as it seems to be rather festive and fun. 

We’re all about the fun.

I found this super awesome, crazy fabric and used it for the border and binding. I love it! It was so perfect for this project, I was so thrilled with it! That little striped border had the right colors and almost was used for the binding…..but I went with the fun one! (ALL about the fun!)

My husband named this quilt, for the most part. He’s pretty good at it, so I guess I won’t fire him.

You know how some quilts are just an ordeal through and through, and you j st can’t wait to get it out of your house? Well, this one was not like that at all. I almost hate to let it go. It matches my living room, you see. 

But, my sister, Ginny has such a sweet heart and is always there for me….she deserves it more than I do.

And she said I could visit it.

What more could I ask for?



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