A Three Year Adventure (it happens)

I finally finished the quilt that has been in progress for three years! Here it is!

It turned out really nice for my friend, Missy. I used men’s shirts to make this quilt. At times it was daunting, so I’d put it away until I felt ready to tackle it again. Yes, three years, people. Other projects often interrupted the work on this quilt, but Missy was very patient and understanding  about that. Here are a few other pics….

The quilt actually turned out to be a nice weight with a lovely drape to it. I think using well-worn shirts and prewashed fabric, along with 100% cotton batting will do that.

A touch of paint on fabric would normally be cut away, but on a loved ones shirt, it adds character and normalcy to a quilt.
For the backing I used a Northcott fabric that I’ve had for some time. The color, kind of a rosey rose, went perfectly with many of the shirts used for the top. I felt it was a great choice and I was so glad Missy chose it over the tan/brown option I showed her. It’s super soft, as the Northcott fabrics always were.

Remembering that buttons are there, while quilting, is a good thing. I quilted the organic lines, as it lent itself to the overall masculinity of the fabrics.
On the left side of the picture you can see where I “wrote” the name of the man this quilt was made to honor and remember. I was pretty pleased with this overall, and then stitching a name freehand, where it ended up looking pretty good….yes, very pleased indeedy.

I am so very glad this quilt is completed. I took much too long to finish it, and I appreciate the patience of those who were waiting on me.

Blessings always, Missy and Patty.



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