Very Merry

It’s almost THAT time, people. Time for all the joys (and stresses) of the season! Are ya ready? I’m not. Not just yet, but I will be…..

To start the season, we are gifting this Christmas-time quilt to my sister-in-law and her husband.

I made it a few years ago, just sewing simple squares together. I don’t recall a lot of planning, but like I said, it was a while ago. My friend, Frances quilted it for me with loops and meandering stitches. It’s got a lightweight batting, so it will be nice to just have around. Her grandchildren may enjoy the fun fabrics quite a bit!

I got the “height challenged” girl to hold it up for me. She did just fine. Maybe you recognize some of the fabrics from long ago. Most were picked up at Hobby Lobby, after Christmas. The quality is good, because I check it before I buy, every time. A couple of them were used back when daughter was tiny and great gramma made her the Daisy Kingdom dresses. Memories, right?

I’m hoping they enjoy this quilt. It was fun to make and has actually gotten me thinking about making a couple (oh my goodness, did I say A COUPLE!?) JRR quilts using Christmas fabrics. Those happen so quickly, so I think it’s pretty doable.

We shall see.

On the comfort scale, it’s pretty comfy.



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