Oh, I Love to Stitch Stuff

Today I quilted the smaller table runner using the pink and blue tumblers. I love it.

Thankfully the pink and blue don’t have butterflies (which I hate). I did this one much like the larger one in yesterday’s post, but quilted 1/4″ from the seams. 

I used this cute Peter Rabbit fabric for the back, mostly because I couldn’t match the pink or the blue to anything in my stash. (I only looked for about 5 minutes, but still.)

Oh, how I love it. I think the shape is adorable and the colors are sweet. I may keep it, since I love it so. We shall see.

After finishing the runner, I wanted to see what sort of Christmas pre-cuts I had….and I found this!


Pretty darn cute, huh? So I figured that I should sew the squares together real quick-like. I enjoy the challenge of laying things out and rearranging so it didn’t take too long to get cute.

Booya! They went together so very easily, even though the charms WERE NOT all the same size. That happens sometimes, although it really shouldn’t, in my opinion. 

I have favorites. The first one is this adorable little rake. I think it is absolutely the cutest little rake.

Next, I love this place setting. Really, I like the fork but the whole setting is pretty sweet. 

Finally, the most precious little hedgehog holding an apple! Oh my goodness, I love him.

Of course, all the little acorns, leaves and veggies are nice too. But I’d have to say my absolute favorite is the little rake.

I don’t know why.

Hoping to finish this little fall project tomorrow.



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