Mellow Yellow

Well, I love my Snapshots block this month! I love the fabrics, I loved the directions (only 2 pages, people!), I love that it took me about 55 minutes from the first cut to the last stitch. 


I love the floral fabric on sail #1! It’s so bright and happy, and FUN! I love the pink and white sail! I think the ABC’s are sweet and the pink fabric just makes it all even funner! I cut the blue so the words are going a different direction than the words on sail #2. I think it adds interest…..AND FUN!

I was ALL about the fun today!

After finishing that block, I decided to layer a quick table runner. My sister’s MIL has been on my mind, so I’m sending it to her tomorrow. Her favorite color is yellow, so I used that on the back.

I left out the dark blue and some pink charms from this pack, mostly so I could use them for a different runner, but also because I liked how this group looked without them.

I quilted it very simply, just at the long seams, about 1/8″ away on each side. Although that one looks more like a quarter inch. I did this the easy peasy way; layering the batting, backing/right side up then the top/right side down. I left a 5″ spot open to turn it easily and sewed the long sides like the center quilted lines, after pressing, of course.

I enjoy small projects like this for many reasons. 

  • I get to use my charm packs for something cute
  • I have almost instant gratification 
  • I can finish a project in an hour or two
  • I can whip up something quick for a gift
  • I like to sew
  • It’s fun
  • I like to fiddle with the pieces of fabric
  • I can practice the more difficult free motion quilting without a huge commitment to a large quilt
  • I can hide the project from myself, in a small space, if I don’t like it
  • I like to sew
  • It’s fun
  • I can cut those charms into “thimble” shapes and make it super cute, like this one!
  • I can add a border and make a small baby quilt if I want to
  • I can add a plain charm pack to a print charm and double the quilt’s size
  • I like to sew
  • It’s fun
  • I can give a charm pack to a friend and get her into sewing again
  • I can play with the charm pieces as long as I want to, because I make the rules in my sewing room
  • I can decide not to use a charm piece because it’s not my fave
  • I like to sew
  • It’s fun


Hope you have some fun too.



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