Two of Four

This week two good friends became grammas! Girl babies, so I was somewhat prepared! I finished four girl baby quilts in three days, people! I will show two of them here, and the other two another time.

The back of one and the front of another. My daughter didn’t want to be in the picture, but I still needed her help and this was our compromise. It’s been super windy around here this week, but at least the sun was shining today.

The turtle backed quilt is called “Lily’s on the Pond.” My husband did that for me. Baby’s name is Lillian, so they might call her that sometime….

Sorry about the weirdo shadow on the quilt, didn’t notice it til after. This is another Yellow Brick Road quilt. Bits and pieces, sewn together in an organized willy nilly fashion. I love the brightness of it so much. I used the turtle fabric for the binding also, because I like the dark frame effect here.

A bit of a close up of the  cursive L’s, which was very appropriate for Miss Lillian. I also quilted her name onto one of the corners, just for fun. I used a light green thread on the front and back. It turned out pretty fun.

Like I said, pretty windy these days. 

The second quilt is for my friend. In honor of her new gramma status. I love this little quilt. I love the fabrics, the simple backing, the pieced binding and the organic quilting.

I believe I used the same green thread on this quilt too.

It seemed to work well with the backing and the “mood” of the quilt. It’s not super large, maybe 37″ square, but I prefer square quilts for babies. I love it when the backing is just enough smaller than the WOF, know what I’m saying?

My awesome binding, four different fabrics! I’ve only done scrappy binding a few times, but I think it may become a fave thing!

These were absolutely my pleasure to make for my friend and for the sweet baby. In some ways it’s so odd to me that my friends are old enough to be grammas. And it’s funny that this weeks grammas are both younger than I am. What an exciting time for them!

Happy gramma time!



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