Raffle Quilts

Phew, it is finally that day! The staff appreciation dinner is tonight and I finished the quilts in plenty of time! Then I didn’t get the labels on until this morning…..its just how I roll lately.

Obviously those are on my counter. And the little bit of a quilt in the top left corner? I will share that another day, but know it is finished (yes, except for its label) over a week ahead of time. Booya!

The first raffle quilt was started almost two years ago, when my MIL was visiting. We wanted to work on something together, that was easy. So we did the MSQC Zipper Quilt. It was very easy and fun. We used dark colors, because sometimes one is just in that mode.

I quilted it with the organic lines, which are now my “fall-back” style. I think it lends itself pretty well to this quilt. We used a lighter fabric for the border, binding and backing. It’s one I had plenty of so it worked out well.

I think it’s perfect for fall, y’all. Oops, I see now, with my auto correct, that I punctuated “y’all” incorrectly on the label. Well, that’s why I shouldn’t say it or write it. It’s just not me. I live near Chicago, you guys. (That’s what we say, instead of y’all.)

The second quilt was started in the springtime, thus the umbrellas, flowers and rain on the fabrics. But I wanted something bright and cheery for this raffle. So it is what it is.

The binding really worked out well, with that touch of gray (which is actually light lavender, but shhhh). I love the fabric on the back, and it was a little hard to part with, but I still have a wee bit left, so I got over it.

And even though my quilting on this one is a little more adventurous, yet not perfect, I really love it. I’ve gotten myself so attached to the organic lines, I haven’t been free motion quilting of late. I’ll need to get back to it soon.

Ready to go! 

I hope the recipients of these quilts enjoy them. And know how much they are appreciated and loved. Working with children who have been through rough stuff is difficult on every heart they touch. 

Have a great weekend, friends!

Apparently I have a date with the husband tomorrow. We’re going to see the new Bond, James Bond movie. Hoping to get dinner out too!



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